Pure Fraud

When somebody offers to "purify" your possessions, call the bunko squad

Dahne has preached against Gypsy psychics for most of her life, saying they are rip-off artists who spread across the countryside "like ants" and corrupt everything they get near.

"I had told Tree that there was no such thing as curses or voodoo, that it was all made up," Dahne says. "I couldn't believe she thought I would actually do something like that to her."

Dahne did some research on "Regina Milbourne," found my columns, and contacted me. She also urged Carlo to go to police and report the car stolen.

For Teresa Carlo, the way to cosmic serenity led through the jungle of bad intentions.
c. stiles
For Teresa Carlo, the way to cosmic serenity led through the jungle of bad intentions.

"I am going to get this girl — Regina, Gina, whatever her name is — off the streets, so she doesn't do this again," Dahne vows.

When Det. Corms got the case, he learned that Marks had signed the Lexus over to her husband, Sunny Miller. Miller then traded the car in at the Aero Toy Store at the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport for a Ferrari (for which he still owes $182,000). The car was then sold to the couple in Las Vegas, where it sits unused in their driveway because it is still listed as stolen. Marks, Carlo's mother lode still in hand, has sold her Plantation Isles home and is nowhere to be found.

The fate of Carlo, her car, and Corm's criminal case is still up in the air. Corm says the case may be a hard sell, especially since Carlo signed the title over. But that doesn't change the fact that it's an obvious crime that needs to be prosecuted.

Carlo, for her part, still has about $1 million worth of land and assets, so she's not exactly a pauper. She hopes to save her house from foreclosure by selling the land, but she has been unsuccessful so far (a would-be buyer's financing recently fell through).

She says that the loss of the bulk of her net worth may have gutted her but that she's working through the turmoil by writing a book. It's titled Do You Really Want to See a Psychic?

"I have to stay positive," she says. "I saw that movie Forrest Gump where they say 'Stupid is as stupid does,' and I started laughing at myself. I had been protected all my life, and this has been a real learning experience."

Does she still believe in psychic ability?

"I do believe some have that power," she says. "Jill Dahne is a clairvoyant, I'm sure of that. But Regina Milbourne is just a swindler."

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