NT: It sounds awful.

MIB: Iím used to it. It is awful. But itís my awful. Itís an awful Iíve chosen for myself.

NT: Is there any competition between the two of you?

MIB: Not at all. I think any competition that there may have been in the past, itís now clear that I won.

NT: And heís aware of this?

MIB: Oh yeah.

NT: Do you guys stay together, like in the same hotel room?

MIB: Um, what you think, if you had to guess?

NT: Iím not qualified to guess at that.

MIB: Weíre men in our 30s who arenít dirt poor. So yes, we do.

NT: Have there been any special moments between the two of you?

MIB: Like what do you mean by special moments?

NT: I guess Iím wondering what you would think of as a special moment, so I donít necessarily want to define it.

MIB: I told him his haircut was nice.

NT: Did you mean it?

MIB: I did. He got a nice haircut. He needs that kind of stroking, though. You need to tell him his haircut looks nice.

NT: Have you ever been down to South Florida?

MIB: My mom lives in Plantation.

NT: Youíre going to see her when youíre down here, I take it?

MIB: Not if I can help it. Yes, I will.

NT: Are you aware that there are a lot of Jewish people and how are you going to handle that?

MIB: In South Florida, there are Jewish people? I had no idea.

NT: How did you choose the last name ďIan Black?Ē

MIB: Well my middle name is Ian. Were it my last name, it would be hyphenated. It would be Ian-hyphen-Black. My last name is Black. It used to be Schwartz.

NT: Right. Which you changed because you were ashamed of being Jewish.

MIB: Exactly right.

NT: So you co-wrote a movie with Simon Pegg, Run Fat boy Run, and itís premiering in the U.S. October 26.

MIB: Nah, they moved it to March.

NT: Oh. Thatís what you get for trusting Wikipedia. Well, can you tell our readers a little bit about the movie and the writing of it?

MIB: Fat guy runs a marathon. Hilarity ensues.

NT: Do you have any writing rituals? Where and when do you do your best writing?

MIB: No. No. I really donít. Writing is so hard that I just try to just write whenever Iím able to, which isnít often. Itís hard to just sit down and write. So, when that happens, thatís fantastic. But it doesnít happen enough.

NT: So you have to wait for it to happen to you?

MIB: No, you sort of have to force it.

NT: Are you a procrastinator?

MB: Iím not really a procrastinator, but writing is hard. Itís something that doesnít come naturally to many people, myself included, so you really just have to struggle with it.

NT: Do you think youíre more of a natural actor or comedian?

MIB: I donít know what I am. Iím just sort of a dude. Just sort of a really cool dude.

NT: Was it hard to work with someone with a last name like Schwimmer? (Run Fat Boy Run was directed by David Schwimmer).

MIB: Well I didnít really work with him. He just went off and directed; I stopped by and said ďhi.Ē That was the extent of our working together.

NT: Did you feel he bastardized your screenplay at all?

MIB: No, he actually did a great job with it.

NT: What kind of responses are you expecting from audiences in the U.S.?

MIB: Laughter. Applause. Cash money.

NT: Okay, letís talk about the best sketch comedy show of all time Ė The State. What was it like to be part of the state?

MIB: It was pretty good. Howís that?

NT: Thanks.

MIB: We were all friends. The State and our friendships evolved simultaneously. It was fantastic. We were all terrific friends. We went to college together and then we found ourselves with our own television show and there was a lot of terrificness about that. It was also very difficult because in a professional environment, itís hard to know where to prioritize your friendship versus your job and sometimes that conflicted.

NT: Did you wind up having fall outs with anybody?

MIB: Not at all. Weíre all still great friends. In a weird way, the fact that The State just sort of imploded because of low ratings on CBS was good in terms of our friendship. We never got to the point where we hated each other. We just ended up just hating our entire careers.

NT: Will there ever be a revival?

MIB: Yeah. In fact, weíre doing one.

NT: What?! Like everyoneís getting back together and doing more skits?

MIB: Yeah. Weíre getting back together and doing a movie for Comedy Central.

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