NT: Oh my God. Thatís the most exciting thing Iíve heard all month.

MIB: I know Iím freaking out about it.

NT: Will it just be a bunch of skits?

MIB: I donít know. We havenít written it yet. Weíre going to start writing it this Saturday.

NT: That is such good news. I havenít seen that announced anywhere. I am I going to be the first?

MIB: Iíve talked to a few people about it, so you do not have an exclusive. Youíre among the first that Iíve told.

NT: The DVD is coming out, soon, according to David Wain.

MIB: Yeah, heís wrong. Itís supposed to come out soon. Like next month. But theyíre going to hold it now until we do the movie. Theyíll release everything together.

NT: I guess thatís a good strategic plan. Is everybody in the movie? All 11?

MIB: Itís everybodyÖYouíre having a little cum over this.

NT: I am. You have no idea. Is it going to be all new stuff? Or references to older skits?

MIB: I know we wonít do any old skits. Whether or not we refer to anything, I donít know.

NT: Do you have a favorite skit?

MIB: Thereís a lot of them Iím partial to. I like Taco Man, of the ones I was involved in. Porcupine Race Track. I like the one, Iím not in it, itís called Cutlery Barn.

NT: Spaghetti fried bumblebees?

MIB: Thatís the one.

NT: I like that one, too. Itís a really bizarre one. Do you have a favorite other cast member?

MIB: Yeah, I like Kevin. Kevin Allison. Heís so totally gayed up.

NT: I havenít seen much of him lately.

MIB: He kinda dropped out of show biz for a while. He was writing and he was, mostly writing. Now heís sort of getting back into it.

NT: Do you have a least favorite cast member?

MIB: Iím not partial to Ken Marino. I just donít like his sensibility, as a person.

NT: So heís kind of a dickhead?

MIB: Kind of a dickhead. Thatís not really true by the way.

NT: Do you have any favorite comedians outside the group?

MIB: I like that fat kid on Two and a Half Men. Heís good.

NT: I havenít seen that.

MIB: I havenít either.

NT: What do you think about the comedy scene right now?

MIB: Overall Iíd say the comedy scene very good right now. Thereís a lot of talented people doing a lot of good work in all different mediums. Itís a great time to be a comedian. People are supporting comedy. Theyíre coming to see it. They enjoy it.

NT: Do you prefer stand up or sketch comedy or what?

MIB: Well I like all of it, but standup is fun because itís immediate. Youíre out there on a stage. You do a stage for an hour or so and then youíre done for the day. When you donít have a good work ethic, thatís a very good job.

NT: Now comes the personal part of the interview.

MIB: Are you going to hit on me?

NT: Probably. Whatís something about you that nobody knows?

MIB: If I told you than people would know. Youíve really put me in a quandary here.

NT: Okay. And Iím not letting you out.

MIB: Okay. Dollar for dollar, my favorite restaurant is Taco Bell. I get the number 3. Three taco supremes and a soft drink. Sometimes I will get a fourth taco.

NT: Whatís so good about it?

MIB: Itís, um, overall deliciousness, I would say.

NT: What are your secret dreams?

MIB: Secret dreams. Iíd like to be an ice cream entrepreneur. Iíd like to invent new ice creams.

NT: Do you have any ideas?

MIB: Um. Yeah. Like a green tea with uh, with fortune cookies and chocolate chips mixed in.

NT: That sounds delicious.

MIB: Yeah, thanks.

NT: What were you like as a young man?

MIB: How young?

NT: Five to ten.

MIB: Five to ten. Five to ten? I donít remember.

NT: What about in high school? Were you cool or were you a loser?

MIB: Was I cool? No. I was sort of, you know, middle of the pack. Thinks heís misunderstood but really isnít, kind of teenager. I think they all understood perfectly well.

NT: Did you think you were funny back then?

MIB: I thought I was funny. I donít know that other people agreed.

NT: Were you shy?

MIB: I wasnít shy, but I definitely was not outgoing.

NT: If you could kill one person, who would it be?

MIB: Kill? (Long pause). I canít think of anybody I would want to kill. Thatís a horrible thing to say.

NT: If you could be a musical instrument, what would you be?

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