MIB: Iíd be tympani.

NT: Why?

MIB: I just think tympani are cool. Is the singular of tympani tympano? Or is tympani always tympani?

NT: I just donít know the answer to that.

MIB: You donít know what tympani is do you?

NT: I knowÖIíve heard of it. I know itís part of the orchestra.

MIB: Alright, but thereís a lot of instruments in the orchestra, Ashley.

NT: Whoís doing this interview?

MIB: Fine, but donít flaunt your own ignorance. I meanÖ

NT: Alright, Iím going to bring this to a close before you embarrass me more.

MIB: Youíre embarrassing yourself. I havenít done anything. Youíre a journalist. You know, your job is to know words.

NT: Alright this is getting very cruel. Iíve already told you that youíre my hero and now youíre just breaking me down. Iím gonna go cry.

MIB: No. no. I just, I just. You know, you gotta prepare for the interview. Youíve gotta be prepared for whatever I say. If I say tympani, boom, you gotta know what that is.

NT: Alright, well, itís been really nice talking to you.


NT: Um, hey do you want to play some poker down here?

MIB: It depends, is there good poker in South Florida?

NT: Oh yeah, Seminole Hard Rock. Anna Nicole died there, you know.

MIB: Hereís the problem with the Seminole Hard Rock. They donít have no limitÖitís a ridiculous system. So poker in South Florida, as far as I know, is not very good.

NT: Well, thatís true, but youíre an addict, right? You have to play, regardless.

MIB: Months will go by when I donít play. Iíve got a family and everything. I canít be playing poker.

NT: Do you miss it when youíre not playing?

MIB: Not particularly. When I start playing again, I want to play all the time. When I stop I donít even think about it.

NT: When you play too much does it get boring?

MIB: No, it just gets disgusting. It just gets a little bit nasty. Like youíre up till 3 a.m. like I was last night. That kind of thingÖOn [an Internet] tournament site, I just looked and Iím one of the top 10. Iím actually number one.

NT: Youíre proud of that arenít you?

MIB: Well, I donít even know what it means. I actually donít know what that means. But Iím number one. Iíve never been number one in anything.

NT: Youíve been number one in my book for a long time.

MIB: Thanks AshÖNow how old are you?

NT: Iím 26.

MIB: Youíre young. Youíre young.

NT: Itís true.

MIB: Although, if I get divorced. Typically, a second marriage, the women is 10 to 12 years younger than the man. So that would work out fine for us.

NT: Yeah, thatís kind of what Iím counting on.

MIB: Letís do that. Letís do that at some point.

NT: Definitely. So Iím coming to your show. Iíll come say hello. Get some rest, and Iíll see you in a few weeks.

MIB; Alright, Ashley.

NT: Take care.

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