Car Club Crazy

The South Florida Dubs go scrapingly low

On the track, cars are lined up waiting their turns to drag-race, two by two, on the quarter-mile run. For $10, a driver can race a car all day long. But not many of the core group of the South Florida Dubs are interested. Either they don't feel like paying the $10 or their cars are not in racing condition. They've brought folding chairs and have parked behind the bleachers, where they can't even see the track.

A couple of girlfriends are dutifully standing in the sun as their boyfriends cruise the tents, where car parts and magazines are on display. Conversations mostly revolve around what the drivers will do to their cars next and how much it will cost. To Mika, an 18-year-old Broward Community College student and a friend of Clarke's, this is baffling.

"How much can a person do to their car?" she says. "Every week, they're like, 'I'm doing this. I'm doing that.' Isn't there a time when it just ends? When the car is just perfect?"

Crash Test Mark and Fat Bottom Girl 4-eva
c. stiles
Crash Test Mark and Fat Bottom Girl 4-eva

"Never," one guy responds. "You're never done."

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