The Black Kids

We've got high hopes for the Black Kids.

Who cares if they're not all black? Hail to the kings and queens of Internet buzz.
Who cares if they're not all black? Hail to the kings and queens of Internet buzz.


The Black Kids perform Saturday, November 24, at Circa 28, 2826 N. Miami Ave., Miami. The show is free, and doors open at 10 p.m. Visit

We admit it — we're always a little skeptical when the Internet gets to buzzing about some hot new indie rock band out of Florida. Not skeptical because of the wide pool of talent our state has to offer. No, we're skeptical because we've noticed a trend of bands getting huge buzz, dropping one EP, then sadly going nowhere except your local Dairy Queen. That's why our fingers and toes are crossed for the Black Kids, coming straight outta Jacksonville. Their name isn't a deliberately controversial misnomer, à la 1990s all-Caucasian "rap" group Young Black Teenagers; this band is actually ethnically diverse, and its new-wave-influenced music paints a bold sonic landscape with layered Cure-esque vocals, swirling synths, and shout-along choruses that'll most def rock the crowd at Circa 28 this weekend. Lolo of Sweat Records is proud and happy to co-present a free show for the people. "I love bringing new, exciting bands here. Especially to have a band from Florida come here, it's great to throw the party. Having it at Circa is even cooler," she raves. It'll be rockin' tonight at 10 for patrons age 21 and up. Definitely check out to download fresh music from the next big thing.

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