Stacey & Friends

Four characters in search of a talk show

"Why do you assume?" needled Geragos. "Why do you assume that there's evidence? Why aren't you, as a good prosecutor..."

"Why are you saying that?" hollered Honowitz, now towering over Geragos. "Obviously this prosecutor is doing what every good prosecutor would do!"

Finally, the knife sprang from her teeth and sailed across the street, narrowly missing a window-shopping pair of tourists.

It's all in the lips.
Mike Stocker/Newscom
It's all in the lips.

I started edging away.

"It was nice to meet you all," I said, walking backwards.

Stacy waved and told me to watch her on TV.

I knew I would.

* This quote and all quotes thereafter ascribed to Honowitz, Carville, Mathis, and Geragos are actual utterances from them that have been culled from CNN, Fox, and MSNBC transcripts.

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