Weirdest Rapper Alive?

Lil Wayne puts the 'high' in High School Musical

While I'm listening and taking notes, the guys have undertaken an impromptu game of parkour, jumping between suede couches, a trampoline, and a Tron pinball machine. They stop for Efron to take a phone call from a hysterical Vanessa Hudgens — his High School Musical costar and girlfriend — and eventually, we head upstairs to the kitchen for a snack of Sunny Delight and gumbo.

When they ask for my honest opinion about their new songs, I mutter something about them being "outside the box" and "memorable." Though my answer is clearly insincere, Wayne seems unfazed.

"This isn't the only thing I got going on right now," he says as the two young celebrities walk me out past a stuffed emu with a gold medallion hanging around its neck. "I just did songs with Mannheim Steamroller, Good Charlotte, and Bow Wow, something for the Mario Universe videogame, a track with a bunch of monks from France, something for the new Raffi album, and 16 bars in Spanish on Juan Luis Guerra's new one. Plus, I just finished designing a new spring line of clothes for H&M with Hillary Duff's sister, and I'm trying out for that show Iron Chef. I may even star in Mel Brooks' upcoming stage theatrical version of Spaceballs if I can get my gun charge dropped in New York state."

Cash Money is about to get a whole lot richer.
Cash Money is about to get a whole lot richer.

Does he ever get overwhelmed by the pace of his high-flying lifestyle?

"Hell, no," Wayne says emphatically. "This is how I live! I get up in the morning, get my dick sucked four times, drink a Molson's, and then hang out with Zac. What, do you want me to go to Hawaii for a vacation? You got a job, but this is my vacation right here."

Adds Efron, "Word!"

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