The Holocaust Card

Mara Giulianti's allies don't know when to stop

Armed with the truth now, Susan and her husband popped in on Schwartz at her local congressional office and handed her the minutes.

Schwartz conceded that she didn't know the full story, Susan says.

"The Holocaust museum could be considered sacred," Susan continues. "It's a sacred part of history, and it always evokes very strong emotions. It does to me. And to claim that Peter Bober didn't support the museum is very inflammatory."

Rep. Elaine Schwartz plays the religion card.
mark foley
Rep. Elaine Schwartz plays the religion card.

Schwartz "is in over her head" and "does not know who she's dealing with in people like Barbara Miller," Susan says. "Either she's selling out her soul or she really doesn't know what's going on."

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