Function Uncertain

The best of King and Marin's ceramics are the ones that stray into purposelessness

As for the photographs themselves, they're competently executed if often a little on the bland side. There's certainly nothing here to jar anyone out of his or her complacency, if that's the point. During Buzzi's tenure as head of the Broward Art Guild, she seemed to relish stirring things up from time to time. Here, she plays it safe.

She does, however, display a flair for a certain kind of composition. Again and again, she ends up with landscapes that feature interlocking layers of roughly triangular forms. Well into the show, I picked up on this distinctive element and backtracked to find that, sure enough, it recurs regularly enough to suggest that it's an effect Buzzi consciously pursues. And even if it's something she's stumbled onto, it's a stylistic quirk worth hanging onto and exploring further.

Marin's House Box and Guardian Spaceship: Beautifully at home in the realm of the functional
Marin's House Box and Guardian Spaceship: Beautifully at home in the realm of the functional


"Peter King & Xinia Marin: Ceramics for Architecture & Music" and "Susan S. Buzzi: Eye on Our Environment" On display through March 16 at the Coral Springs Museum of Art, 2855 Coral Springs Dr., Coral Springs. Call 954-340-5000.

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Buzzi's pairing of poetry and photography, on the other hand, should definitely be discouraged. Even her best images groan under the weight of overripe lines like "I embrace the deafening quiet and the infinity of it all," "a hundred thousand colors paint the horizon," and "heart burst asunder; soul on fire/my spirit free/yes, i am ready!" My classmates and I couldn't get away with such lazy writing in creative writing classes long ago. Neither can Buzzi.

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