Cops and Gypsies

Friendly law enforcement officers become the weapons of rival destruction in the gypsy tribal wars

So when Phantom, a veteran law enforcement officer in Miami, called me about exposing them, I was immediately intrigued. He quickly put me in touch with his source, the gypsy elder.

"These people drive Rolls-Royces, Bentleys, Ferraris," the gypsy told me. "They don't just take a little money for readings, they drain people of their savings, and it gives gypsies everywhere a bad name and brings heat on everybody. I'm a roofer, a general contractor, and I work for my money. I drive a Volkswagen. Hah!"

He said he was trying to modernize the entire culture and assimilate with the society at large.

Tony Unich: "You want a good story?"
Courtesy of Broward Sheriff's Office
Tony Unich: "You want a good story?"

"The old ways don't work anymore," he said. "Gypsies used to travel from town to town with their scams. They have computers now. It [referring to the old scams] doesn't work any more. It's a joke."

When I asked him about Unich's allegation about an extortion attempt, he laughed.

"Let me explain to you how it works with these guys," he began. "As soon as a cop is onto them, automatically they have to say things. Try to put themselves in the clear. Bullshit, man. That's how they talk, 'crooked cop and crooked gypsy.' But what about the money they take? That's the reason for all this."

He told me that he had recently tried to "patch things up" between John Uwanawich, who goes by the name "Johnny Gee," and another gypsy. He denied that he had ever tried to extort Uwanawich. When I reached Uwanawich by phone, though, he backed up his son's story about the gypsy asking him for $20,000 — before hanging up the phone.

"That's what any gypsy will tell you," said Uwanawich's rival (an "elder" who's actually in his 40s). "They don't speak the truth to American people, and you can't trust anything that comes through their mouths."

The lawman who contacted me says he has no idea what might be going on beneath the surface with the gypsies. "I just take the information and work with it," he says. "They complain about me a lot; they've called internal affairs before," he said. "That is their M.O., and they think by doing this that I will back up. It's unfortunate that we have to deal with this and they'll make stuff up."

He says he just wants victims of the Uwan­awich family to come forward so justice can be done. And you can't disagree with that.

But you get the sense that this war has just begun.

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Please check out this web site. It will give you a much better outlook about Gypsies and the crimes they committ. Remember now all Gypsies are bad nor do they commit these crimes.


"the culture itself is built largely on thievery". Seriously? Could you get away with racist rants like that if you were talking about African Americans or Jews? The bad people get attention-just like the criminals in other ethnic and cultural groups. Here. Let me make a sweeping and generalization about an entire class of diverse people unsupported by anything other than my claims of expertise: The media in this country is a joke. They no longer bother with real research and serious reporting because they don't care about truth and integrity-just vomiting out what ever happens to come into their heads.



What a crock of shit this guy wrote, his Informer sold him a bill of goods!!! drives a Volkswagon? I guess he forgot to mention about the new Silver 2 door Bentley, with FL vanity plates that say "G GOON"this guy is a payoff artist who goes around trying to buy cops.forget writing fiction, lets see some reality.

tim who
tim who

I am a victim of gina marks tried to get det john murray to help but no action taken it only seems work if the media grabs it do i have any options?she just got arrested because 5 woman came forward to the tv station or is it because of my gender.Hollywood det.eddie goldbarg never returns calls to me i wonder why?any help would greatly be appreciated.