Letters for February 21-27, 2008

Scales of Injustice?

Still in the nightmare: My family has left me for dead ("Kick Stop," Amy Guthrie, December 13). I have no one but myself to depend on. I have absolutely no outside help. I depend on me and me only. Right now, I'm trying to find a way to fight the courts. I have not one penny to my name, so I can't pay a lawyer. I just want to get out of prison. I'm still trying to fight it. But I know in my heart that what was said at my trial was not the truth. Am I guilty of murder? "Hell no!" Am I guilty of stupidity? "Hell yes!"

Will Madalone

Jefferson Correctional Institution, Monticello

Editor's note: Madalone was sentenced to life for the beating death of Luyen Nguyen in 1992. Madalone's younger brother, Chris, pleaded guilty and was released in 2000.

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