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Why I'd never skewer La Brochette

What's for dessert?

Amazing bread pudding made from croissants with cream and white chocolate ($7.50), with dark, bitter espresso ($2.50) as devilish as anything you'll find on the streets of Paris.

I'm not really into clinking wine glasses and eating hand-cut filet mignon or sipping espresso. I'm more into specialty martinis and small plates.

Joe Rocco

Location Info


La Brochette Bistro

2635 N. Hiatus Road
Pembroke Pines, FL 33026

Category: Restaurant > Fusion

Region: Pembroke Pines


La Brochette Bistro2635 N. Hiatus Rd., Cooper City. Open Tuesday through Saturday 5:30 until 10 p.m.; Sunday 5:30 until 9 p.m. Closed Monday. Call 954-435-9090. Wheelchair accessible.

La Brochette only serves beer and wine, and their wine list is full of overly familiar bottles. There's no bar food — no quesadillas, no spring rolls. But you need to think of this as more of a third-date venue. First date: You get acquainted someplace quiet and non-committal. Second: You want a place where you can show off a little, someplace that suits your grooviness, where you can get wicked on lavender-and-Meyer-lemon mojitos. And so we come to the third date, where you want to show your range. She thinks she's got you pegged now, but she'd never have expected La Brochette. You're going to look great in that candlelight.

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