Bust Me if You Can

If it looks like a lawyer and quacks like a lawyer, is it really a lawyer?

Still, the judge ruled that Brady was enough of a menace to have his bond revoked. The 27-year-old went back into a holding cell in Pompano Beach.

Interestingly, Brady's girlfriend, a tall, thin blond, continues to visit him there. Despite prosecutors' attempts to use her as ammunition, she remains Brady's strong supporter. Without divulging too much, she shakes her head and reports that he is a kindhearted person caught in the middle of a giant misunderstanding — and that the slate of criminal cases doesn't accurately reflect upon the guy. She did have the impression he was a Harvard-educated lawyer, she admits, but that's not why she dates him.

"He's a great person. He's amazing," she says. She adds that Brady's family, including Eddy, stands steadfastly behind him and that Brady is busy and thriving in jail, helping inmates with less education to understand certain Bible readings and work toward their GEDs.

Brady smiles for the mugshot camera.
Brady smiles for the mugshot camera.

In February, Livoti withdrew as counsel for Brady — because Brady could no longer afford him — and a public defender was appointed to handle the criminal cases.

A flip through the file for one civil case filed in Miami reveals documents that Brady has submitted to the court himself. They are written in professional language; the author seems fluent in legalese. The pages stand out, however, because they are written in ballpoint pen on lined notebook paper and have been mailed from a jail cell.

In paperwork in the file, Brady is identified as a pro se litigant. In other words, he's acting as a lawyer — representing himself. And that is perfectly legal.

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