Cookie Monsters

It's the old diet doc versus the marketing gun in the great war of the tasty appetite suppressors

Moulavi now calls his program "The Smart for Life Cookie Diet." He won custody of He touts no secret recipe, saying his cookies are organic, made by professionals at Harlan Bakeries. His stealth marketing skills are apparent: Radio DJs tout the diet, and a Sun-Sentinel writer recently blogged about using Smart for Life to lose weight for her wedding. At last count, Moulavi was running 42 franchises. Although he says he still respects Dr. Siegal, Moulavi scoffs at his thinking. "It's like saying 'I'm the first guy who invented a car.' Well, I came up with the Lexus. And I'd rather drive a Lexus than a Model T Ford."

"He went his way and I went mine," Moulavi says now. "Time will tell who's right."

Both doctors say they are too tired of battling each other to be concerned with newer competitors. But they'd better watch out: The Hollywood Cookie Diet, recently featured in various celebrity magazines, is on the rise. A box of 12 retails for $19.99.

Dr. Siegal: Mmm, good. Eat 'em, and the pounds melt away.
Dr. Siegal: Mmm, good. Eat 'em, and the pounds melt away.

Meanwhile, Dr. Siegal's cookies cost $56 for a one-week supply. Smart for Life offers a two-week program for $129. Pop into either doctor's office on any given day and you'll find their waiting rooms full — of chubby folks, not-so-chubby folks, even weightlifters getting ready to compete.

You could say that the personal relationship may have crumbled, but in the end, they might both be rolling in dough.

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