Forced Marriages

Three Fittings does the deed but can't commit

Sussman, Groom, and Bondi: Enjoying our cheap thrills as they come
Sussman, Groom, and Bondi: Enjoying our cheap thrills as they come


Three FittingsWritten by Stephanie Alison Walker. Directed by Genie Croft. With Dania Aguero, Carol Sussman, Sally Bondi, and Chris Groom. Through May 18 at Sixth Star Studios, 505 NW First Ave. , Fort Lauderdale. Call 800-473-1928, or visit

Even if that isn't how it went down, Three Fittings feels precisely this mechanical — which isn't to say it's emotionally inert. During the last vignette, the theater at Sixth Star Studios was filled with sniffles, and mine were among them. I was glad for the moment, for it does indeed feel nice to feel things. But I like to think theater is supposed to be more than a quick fix for sensation junkies, and I'm terribly worried that by going all to pieces anytime anyone makes a sloppy grab for a heartstring, we'll eventually get so insensitive that we won't know how to cry when there's finally a good reason. Then again, that might be superstition. Maybe we should enjoy our cheap thrills as they come. Three Fittings doesn't advertise itself as such, of course, and Walker probably wouldn't appreciate it being called "cheap" or "thrilling." But don't worry about her feelings. She can have only so much respect for the opinion of a sponge.

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