Bach and Ready to Rock

'80s hair-metal god Sebastian Bach keeps it transparent

"There's definitely misconceptions out there — people know me as much as the guy who edits those shows wants them to know me," he says. In Supergroup, for example — the 2006 VH1 series in which he spent two weeks living in a mansion with Ted Nugent, Anthrax's Scott Ian, Biohazard's Evan Seinfeld, and Jason Bonham — Bach was portrayed as a belligerent drunk. "Supergroup was a fuckin' train wreck," Bach flatly states. "I got a real super big problem with Supergroup. The whole premise of the show was that I'm an alcoholic — they used the word — just because I like to drink red wine with my fuckin' meal at the end of the day after rehearsing for six hours. I don't think that makes me an alcoholic. To me, having red wine with your meal... old ladies fuckin' do that!"

The experience hasn't steered him away from reality TV, though — next month, he'll star in CMT's Gone Country 2, in which he lives in Barbara Mandrell's Nashville mansion and competes against the likes of Lorenzo Lamas, 'NSync's Chris Kirkpatrick, actress Sean Young, and Jermaine Jackson (Bach's roommate on the show) for the chance to record and release a country song. In fact, he's become such good friends with the show's host, John Rich (of the best-selling country duo Big & Rich), that they're planning to collaborate on a project together this fall.

OK, so maybe he could benefit from a haircut.
OK, so maybe he could benefit from a haircut.


Sebastian Bach, with Poison and Dokken, Wednesday, July 23, at Cruzan Amphitheatre, 601-7 Sansbury's Way, West Palm Beach. 7 p.m.; $10-$45. Call 561-795-8883, or visit

Before then, however, Bach will spend the summer touring America and says he has no plans to stop. "They did a thing in Billboard of the median age of all frontmen of the biggest-selling tours last year, and the average age was like 50-something. The biggest bands touring last year were, like, Van Halen, Genesis, the Police, Aerosmith, the Rolling Stones, Judas Priest, Kiss... all these really old dudes! By those standards, I'm like a little baby! So there's lots more tours to do and lots more albums to make, that's for sure."

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