Fuzzy, Fuzzy Fuzz

The Women's Theatre Project's True Blue leaves us truly blue. And confused.

"Oh, Angie! I just can't find my motivation!"
George Schiavone
"Oh, Angie! I just can't find my motivation!"


True Blue, written by Marjorie O'Neill-Butler. Directed by Genie Croft. With Angie Radosh, Laura Turnbull, Patti Gardner, Jacqueline Laggy, and Pamela Roza. Presented through August 31 at Sixth Star Studios, 505 NW First Ave., Fort Lauderdale. Call 800-473-1928, or visit www.womenstheatreproject.com.

I can't say for certain, but I believe True Blue's problems have to do with O'Neill-Butler's inability to see her drama clearly before putting pen to paper, and I think this fuzziness insinuated itself into her script, as well the performances of the director and actresses who might have given it life. Radosh, Turnbull, and Gardner are all artists whose work can range from passable to brilliant, and the same goes for True Blue's other two actresses, Jacqueline Laggy and Pamela Roza. I've never seen any of them engage in such sloppy, broad characterizations as these — they're so adrift that their personalities seem to overlap. Throughout True Blue's seemingly endless two acts, they delivered their lines carefully, in the same exploratory manner you sometimes see at play readings. They didn't seem to be acting so much as searching for something in the script into which they might sink their teeth; trying and failing to find it in True Blue's haze and mawkishness. It didn't look like much fun, and I hope they find some consolation in the knowledge that this audience member felt much the same way.

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