Bad Sex

With Blowing Whistles, Sol Theatre gives the bad news about good times

Carson and Garcia: Hanky panky.
Carson and Garcia: Hanky panky.


Blowing Whistles Matthew Todd. Directed by Robert Hooker. With Ross Carson, David Tarryn-Grae and Kyle GarciaThrough mid-September at Sol Theatre, 1140 N. Flagler Drive, Fort Lauderdale 33304. Call 954-801-9207 or visit

I find that I don't care. Whatever they might mean to straight people, Blowing Whistles and plays like it (like Why We Have a Body, Two Boys In a Bed, and Unidentified Human Remains) are precisely what make Sol Theatre an indispensable treasure to SoFla's gay population. Those other gay companies — you know who I'm talking about — are flatterers, content to send us home thinking we're wonderful, and that all is well. But all isn't ever well, least of all with gays. What makes Robert Hooker the very best of our local queer artistes is that he, and only he, is willing to be the gadfly in the ointment.

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