The Gentleman Classicist

Chris Isaak keeps his croon intact

Doris Day or Debbie Reynolds?

Doris Day, Debbie Reynolds, both classic. Just met Debbie while doing a TV show; she is as cute and wild as ever. A born performer. I would like to meet Doris Day. I hear she is a big lover of animals and has done a lot to help animal rights. She sounds like a class act.

Peggy Lee or Dusty Springfield?

Now here's a man who has style.
Now here's a man who has style.


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I have Peggy Lee in my car all the time... well, at least the recording. She really can sing so... pretty... and you still believe it came from the heart. That is all I could ask for.

Gentleman Jim Corbett or Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini?

As far as boxers, I will say my favorites all have great nicknames. Tommy "Halfamellon" Tedulle, Darrel "Pieman" Jones. You gotta have a nickname.

Somebody Up There Likes Me or Requiem for a Heavyweight?

Requiem for a Heavyweight is great; love the live TV version with Jack Palance. Rod Serling could write better than he thought he could.

Raging Bull or Rocky?

Raging Bull and Rocky, both great. I love a good fight film. I think there is one called The Set Up with Robert Ryan; that is my favorite.

Blue Hawaii or Viva Las Vegas!?

I can't rate Elvis films. Won't try.

Nashville or Memphis? Luaus or rodeos? Planes or trains? Long board or short?

If someone offers me a trip to Nashville or Memphis and says we are going to start at the Sands or the Flamingo, then stop off for a rodeo or a luau and we will be taking a train, then I will bring my long board and head out.

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