Big Girls, Little Guys, Lots of Fun

There, a director devised the plot of the flick: Mikayla's character would catch a small man spying on her; then she'd teach him a lesson by trampling him and spanking his bare bottom. She acted it out while Jason looked on uncomfortably. "That trampling stuff made me cringe," he says. After eight hours of work, the producer paid her $250.

The acting sparked something inside Mikayla. Being worshiped felt good. So did the money. I'll do this only until I get out of debt, she told herself.

She says she realized the producer was skimping on her payment, so a month later, she started her own website. It catered to lovers of big feet, big women, and men interested in private fetish sessions. Jason was supportive, even though it made him nervous.

Arekah Lox is a pretty lady, but she'll break your man bones.
C. Stiles
Arekah Lox is a pretty lady, but she'll break your man bones.
Amazon Amanda says men who are big at the office sometimes want to feel small in the bedroom.
Amazon Amanda says men who are big at the office sometimes want to feel small in the bedroom.


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She was hooked on the business. She spent eight hours a day on the computer, and on weekends, she traveled to sessions as far away as New York. Men had unusual requests: They wanted to lick her long feet, have her step on their ribs and scrotums, be tickled, or be beaten. They all had different ideas for what a large woman was good for. After sessions, she came home physically and emotionally exhausted. She didn't have energy left for Jason. "It just made things more complicated," he says.

Two years after her website launched in 2001, a crazed fan showed up in Colorado Springs at the studio where she taught yoga. The man was a musician from Ohio who had done research to find her real name. He aimed to persuade her to marry him. When she told him she was already married, he threatened to expose her for who she really was. She got a restraining order.

Three years later, just when she had paid off her college debts, she and Jason decided to divorce. The passion had fizzled. They both attribute the breakup to her job. She hasn't been able to find a boyfriend so accepting of her lifestyle since.

On a recent muggy Tuesday, just before a session, Mikayla sifts through a plastic bin full of fetish toys in her condo overlooking Hallandale Beach. She pushes aside pink fishnet tights, a dog toy, and a Superwoman costume and pulls out a pair of massive black boots. She holds up the shoes.

"People always ask me how to get into the fetish world," she says. "I tell them: 'Take the thing you hated most about yourself when you were younger and that's your fetish persona.' "

Asked about her future, she says, "I don't want to be creating someone's fantasy for the rest of my life. I want to create my own."

During a second trip to the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Mikayla has company. Amazon Amanda, a six-foot-three, 380-pound former plus-size model, is setting up a video camera in a spacious room on the tenth floor. Her auburn hair is tucked up into a clip as she glances through the Sony viewfinder.

A king-sized bed has been shoved into the corner of the room to make way for a bright-blue wrestling mat. On top of it, Arekah Lox, a fiery, freckle-faced Amazon with hulking biceps, does a few quick stretches. Mikayla is next to her, waiting with a wiry engineer named Thomas. He's a client who has agreed to be filmed.

Amanda signals "OK, ready," and presses record.

Arekah and Mikayla warm up by casually shoving Thomas' 140-pound body back and forth between them, as if they're playing catch. Thomas looks like a kid getting beat up on the playground. Only way happier.

After a few minutes, he tries to slip between them and get away, but Arekah decides to step it up. She picks him up with one arm and tosses him over her shoulder. Then she body-slams him onto the bed and puts his head into a scissors lock between her thick, muscular thighs. She squeezes.

"That's what you get for trying to escape," Arekah says. Amanda zooms in for a close-up of Thomas' head, sandwiched between her thighs.

Along with the others, the video will soon be posted on the girls' websites. Depending on the running time, fans will pay $5.99 to $35.99 to watch it. The women know just what to shoot and how to spin it. They have become masters of the business and the psychology of their unusual trade.

Men first contact Amazons by email, via their websites. The women screen them through their letters to make sure they aren't violent or insane. Since most Amazons work independently, with no male bodyguards, the girls have to be quick judges of character. Mikayla says she can sniff out a good submissive just from the tone of his writing. She's had only one female client — a foot worshiper. The few other ladies she's seen came with husbands.

Next comes a conversation about what the client is looking for. Mikayla does this via email "because guys can get off just talking about it." This also gives the girls a chance to weed out the men who might waste their time. "If they're talking about things they want to do to me or they're not sure what they want, I end it right there," Mikayla says.

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