Big Girls, Little Guys, Lots of Fun

If a client passes the test, some Amazons will ask for a deposit to ensure he won't flake out. Through PayPal, Mikayla charges $250 an hour to reserve her time. Then specific boundaries are set. Each Amazon has her own limits.

Mikayla, for example, also has a rule that forbids alcohol or drugs. She'll explain what else is off-limits: full nudity, defecation-related acts, or violence that causes serious injury. (Although she did once have to take a client to the hospital for accidentally breaking his ribs.) Her guys don't sign injury releases, but she keeps emails describing the clients' desires to be trounced, just in case.

Amanda has one more rule to add to the list: no death. "I had a guy whose parents died when he was young. He offered me $50,000 to kill him," she says. She politely declined.

Arekah Lox is a pretty lady, but she'll break your man bones.
C. Stiles
Arekah Lox is a pretty lady, but she'll break your man bones.
Amazon Amanda says men who are big at the office sometimes want to feel small in the bedroom.
Amazon Amanda says men who are big at the office sometimes want to feel small in the bedroom.


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After being vetted, the men drive or fly to Miami or Fort Lauderdale. They check into hotels, where the meetings are held. A select few regulars are allowed to come to an Amazon's home. Some clients ask the women to come to the door "in character." Others start out with a friendly get-to-know-you chat and end up doing more talking than trampling. Sessions can last up to eight hours but are usually over within two. Mikayla accepts U.S. dollars, Chinese yuan, British pounds, and euros through Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Clients always pay upfront.

Bunny Glamazon, a kickboxer and the "grandmother" of Amazondom, has been doing this for 20 years. She now operates out of her home in Indiana. She says she knows why Amazons make such a good living: the wealthier and more powerful the man, the smaller he wants to feel.

Unlike mainstream porn, which usually puts the male in the power role, Amazon videos cater to rich guys who are big at the office but want to feel small in the bedroom. They almost always have money and are willing to drop it on sessions and memberships to Amazon websites. "They want to be manhandled to the point they can't get up," Bunny explains. "When I got 'em in a fetal position, they don't have to worry about the big, bad world anymore." Legally, Amazons who don't have sex are in the clear.

During her career, Bunny has seen a priest who refused to take off his robe, a British broker who wanted her to act like a nanny, and a macho family patriarch who broke down in tears about childhood abuse. "I couldn't figure out why it bothered me so much to smack him in the face," she says. "Then it clicked. I wasn't slapping him; I was slapping that little boy."

When Mikayla arrives at Amanda's condo, she has a problem. She can't find her whip.

Amanda, who's wearing glasses and around-the-house jeans, lounges on a brown couch. After hearing about the dilemma, she disappears into the bedroom and comes back with a horse crop. "I like this one because it's longer," she says. She whaps the air with it, as if an invisible man were bent over in her living room.

"Perfect," Mikayla says.

The plan now is to hammer out some details about AmazonCon, a convention for Amazon lovers that the two will host October 10 through 12 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood. They expect about 75 attendees looking to meet Amazons and set up sessions.

But in the nature of being your own boss — and working with a friend — the conversation quickly drifts into personal territory: love life. Soon, they're chatting like a couple of girls at a slumber party.

The ladies share the same Catch-22: They can't date their clients because they're usually nuts. But all the nice, normal guys are alienated by what the women do for a living. "My clients say, 'I really want to get to know you,' " Amanda says. "I say, 'No you don't. It will kill your fantasy.' "

Mikayla gives a nod of agreement. "They think we walk around in heels all day looking sexy."

After getting over her divorce, Mikayla set up a session with a Turkish man. When she arrived at his hotel, she found he was tall and handsome. They had chemistry. A few minutes into it, she knew she was in trouble. "I was like, 'Damn. Can you not be my client?' "

She generally has a rule not to get involved with the men she does business with, but she couldn't resist. Problem was, he couldn't get past the idea of Mikayla as a fantasy. He didn't want to know Mikayla the goofball or Mikayla the intellectual. "It drove me insane because he only liked me for my feet. I'm up here too," she says, pointing to her head.

They were together for nearly a year. Then one night, after a lengthy breakup, she headed to an Irish bar with a friend for a rebound. She hit it off with a Vin Diesel look-alike. He made her feel comfortable, so she told him what she does for a living. "So you're a stripper? Or a whore?" he asked. Afterward, he disappeared.

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