Goon to a Goblin

Why J. Hexx is the scariest rapper you'll ever meet

But something about their rapping styles didn't fit his. The missing link was horror. He says he didn't get bored with rapping like a Rawkus Records artist (the go-to label for conscious rappers of the '90s). But he discovered he needed to add blood and gore to his sound to feel complete.

"I just found that this horror thing, since its embedded in me, was the best way to describe myself and feel that I had all my integrity. It helps me be true to what I'm speaking about... it feels more like home."

He's versed in scary movies and raps about the analogies between horror and reality.

J Hexx takes horrorcore seriously.
J Hexx takes horrorcore seriously.


The J Hexx Project With Blank Tape, Flowers of Dorion, Rubix, and Great Divine, Saturday, October 31, at the Talent Farm, 20911 Johnson St., Suite 111, Pembroke Pines.6:30 p.m.; $12Call 954-438-3488, or visit He also performs later that night at BoardRiders, 234 S. Federal Hwy., Boca Raton.12 a.m.; $10561-392-0044, or visit

"Zombies, for example. You think, OK, they're flesh-eating people. But I look at them as people who wander around without a purpose in life... like dead carcasses trying to feed off people to survive. There are also vampires, people who suck the life force out of you, then move on and leech onto the next person."

That's what makes his music so captivating. Just when you're disgusted enough to turn it off, he drops some piece of stop-you-in-your-tracks wittiness into a few verses, making you hit rewind and compelling you to continue listening.

It is partly why prominent horrorcore label 3rd Shift Entertainment signed him to a record deal last week.

Asked how far he plans to take his style of horror-core rapping, Rentas says: "I want to take it as far as I can take it without the censors coming after me. How often do you see someone dressed like me get on stage and rap with this type of passion? At least I'm not copying everybody else."

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