Edison declined to comment on Clark's lawsuit, but his attorney, Stephen Cohen, says the lawsuit, in which Clark is demanding damages in excess of $20,000, is an "unmitigated lie." Cohen said Edison would likely file counterclaims against Clark in federal court.

"There is absolutely no truth to this," says Cohen. "There may be criminal conduct on the other side, in the area of extortion. As it goes forward, perhaps perjury as well."

Clark has strong evidence to back up his case, most important the court record in the civil disobedience case, obtained by New Times, showing that his mother indeed had Edison charged.


Cohen acknowledges the charge but won't talk about it in detail.

"For one year after that [charge was filed], there was nothing but court supervision over Dr. Edison," Cohen says. "What happened after that is that the charge was thrown out, and there was nothing done."

To help piece together his past, Clark hired a reputable Massachusetts private investigator named John Lajoie. It was Lajoie who found the court record and several witnesses who confirm that Edison spent a lot of time with the young Clark and gave him marijuana and beer.

There are no witnesses to the alleged sexual assaults, but Lajoie says some will testify that Edison would take Clark off alone, and at times into his locked bedroom, for extended periods of time.

"I asked Clark, 'Why are you coming forward 30 years later?' " recalls Lajoie. "And do you know what he said to me? He says, 'I suppose the same reason that the victims of the priests suppressed their problems and their abuse.' "

Lajoie says Clark passed a polygraph test regarding his allegations.

"He's telling the truth," concludes Lajoie, "not only on the sexual abuse but on the dormant memory recovery and the trigger event [at his mother's gravesite]."

There is also the matter of the 1998 prostitution charge, a charge of "moral turpitude," as Lajoie calls it. But the specifics of the case aren't known because Edison had the case expunged. It has been sealed by the court, and Cohen won't discuss it.

"What basis does that have in [Clark's] complaint?" asks Cohen. "None."

There is no known evidence to show that Edison has sexually abused any other children, but his professional life has been marked by controversy, much of it reported by daily newspapers.

The Sun-Sentinel conducted a years-long investigation of cosmetic surgery deaths and reported that five patients died between 1997 and 2004 after routine surgeries — tummy tucks, face-lifts, and liposuction — at Edison's medical facility, Cosmetic Surgery PA, on Stirling Road in Hollywood.

The Miami Herald in 2002 reported a host of complaints on Edison, including two malpractice lawsuits for which he had to pay large judgments, one of them for leaving the sponge in the woman's breast and the other for giving another woman breast implants too large for her body.

In 1995, the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration issued a "letter of concern" regarding his work and fined him. In 2007, the Florida Board of Medicine suspended Edison from practicing for 30 days, fined him $10,000, and placed him on two years of probation.

Last year, he voluntarily surrendered his medical license in California, where he had been accused of a wrongful death in a 1984 case. Edison has managed to keep his Florida license and has also retained his membership in the supposedly elite American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.

While regulators and his own professional peers have gone relatively easy on Edison, Clark promises that he won't stop until the doctor pays for what he's done to him. He says he might even try to file criminal charges. Though the statute of limitations has run out, he says there is a possibility it could be suspended because Edison left the state.

"It's painful right now; it has been a long year," he says. "I didn't sleep for months. I've got two children, I'm a businessman, and it's the last thing I want to stir up. But it's in front of me now, and I'm not going away."

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I don't know about that case, but he sure did a botched job on my chin implant 15 years ago.


I am reading all this information about Doctor Edison and I am in shock, i had been his patient  on 2 opportunities without a problem,



Because it ISN'T true. The case was dismissed.