Love Your Art...

But your morals suck. Truth, lies, and Rolling Rock at the world premiere of Yankee Tavern.

McNulty (front) and Amadeo: You'll be scared.
McNulty (front) and Amadeo: You'll be scared.


Yankee Tavern, written by Steven Dietz. Directed by Michael Bigelow Dixon. Presented through June 21 at Florida Stage, 262 Plaza Del Mar, Manalapan. Call 561-585-3433, or visit

Unfortunately, we are a slim majority, and while we can take Dietz's postulations with a few pillars of salt, I'm not so sure about everyone else. Not too many people believe in Shakespeare's fairies, but plenty are willing to jump at the shadows that no longer fall across Manhattan's West Side Highway. A 2006 poll by Ohio University found that fully one-third of Americans believe that the federal government had prior knowledge of the 9/11 attacks. A good night at the theater is worth a lot, but it is not worth increasing that number. By failing to include any cogent alternatives to Ray's theories and by giving us no choice but to accept that the events of act two really are indicative of a conspiracy to cover up the truth behind 9/11, Dietz may have succeeded in selling a bill of goods that he never bought in the first place.

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