A Dark, Dark Mind

Neil LaBute makes sense of human darkness at the Mosaic Theatre.

Waugh, Hardcastle: Hideous things happen.
Waugh, Hardcastle: Hideous things happen.


In a Dark Dark House, written by Neil LaBute. Directed by Richard Jay Simon. With Terry Hardcastle, Ricky Waugh, and Miriam Wiener. Through June 21 at the Mosaic Theatre, 12200 W. Broward Blvd., Plantation. Call 954-527-8243, or visit mosaictheatre.com.

In a Dark Dark House is a difficult play to watch, for the reasons listed above and because of a dozen revelations that I mustn't divulge. But it is not capricious. Its characters are a long way from good and an even longer way from being saved. But you get the sense that they're worth saving. For the man who wrote Fat Pig and for the audience that laughed at it, it's a good start.

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