Hit the Highway

Adventures in nightlife can be found at Exit 66.

After the photo shoot, Ray leaned on me a little and asked for my phone number. His two friends exchanged a glance. Joe was tall, with sandy hair and a goatee, and Jay was dark-haired with a slight build.

"So what brings y'all here?" I asked.

"We're meeting for the first time," Joe explained. "We've never met in person before."

Jason Crosby


Exit 66, 219 S. Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. Call 954-357-9981, or click here.

"We play X-Box together — all kinds of games, including Call of Duty," Ray cut in.

"You've probably been killed by my 17-year-old brother at some point," I said. "He specializes in pwning n00bs."

"I'm not a nerd," said Ray.

"He is," Jay said, disgusted. "I'm the one who's not."

"I don't mind admitting that I am," Joe said calmly.

"I'm not," Ray snapped. "Do you know how much this shirt cost? Ninety dollars!"

"I'm going to leave you here," snapped Jay, jingling his car keys. "When I come back to get you, you'll still be sitting here by yourself."

"You think I can't walk in that club and get any girl I want?" Ray shrieked. "I make $90,000 a year!"

"You couldn't get a girl as hot as this one," Jay said.

"Come home with me," Ray turned to me. "I'll buy you a shot."

"Instead why don't you buy my boyfriend a shot?" I said. My good buddy Beard was still sitting at the tiki bar a few feet away. He'd spent the evening watching the bartenders precisely measure minuscule bits of alcohol and serve watered-down drinks. "He makes $90,000 a year," I shouted to Beard, pointing at Ray. Beard rolled his eyes.

"Oh, are y'all swingers?" Ray shouted at Beard. Then he pounded the bar and summoned a server: "Hey, baby, over here!"

Next time I turned my head, Beard had disappeared and Ray had thrown his glass into a trash can (the glass shattered loudly). I thought it was about time to grab a drink before departing and hit the open road. Exit 66 is cool — particularly if you like strobe lights, loud music, and go-go dancers — but there's a whole other highway of bars out there to explore.

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