Crooked Courthouse

The Broward Commission will build a courthouse, even if voters don't want it and there's no good way to pay for it.

Thankfully, while most of the commission was drooling with glee at the unbelievably fantastic Lieberman shuffle, one commissioner called Keechl on his idiocy. 

"Explain how this is not going to cost taxpayers any money," Commissioner John Rodstrom challenged Keechl. "Look, you are raising taxes."

Whoa, this wasn't part of the script. Keechl was dumbstruck, so new protector, Ritter, jumped to his side.

Commissioner Lieberman  headed the rubber-stamp task force.
Commissioner Lieberman headed the rubber-stamp task force.

"Hold on," she told Rodstrom, who, along with Lois Wexler, voted against the $13.5 million courthouse design contract.

"I need to get it on the record," Rodstrom told her.

Rodstrom never really got an answer to that question, just more of Lieberman's talk about saving taxpayers $27 million by spending $328 million. Rodstrom also raised the issue of the stockade and said the courthouse was indeed going to raise taxes.

"Not really," Ritter said.

"How is it 'not really?'" Rodstrom asked.

"Because," said the mayor.

Thank you, Mayor Ritter. You just turned the county commission into a first-grade classroom. Rodstrom further challenged her.

"I'm going to ask you to trust me," Ritter interjected.

"Come on," Rodstrom responded in disbelief. "This is not the way we do business. 'Trust me.' ... I cannot trust you or the sheriff until I see how the card game will be dealt."

"I am simply asking you to trust me that there is a solution to the stockade issue," Ritter continued. "That's what I am asking you to believe. Because I am telling you that on the dais, and I respectfully suggest that to not trust me would be a disservice to the commission."

There you have it. Ritter wants Rodstrom — and all of us — to set aside serious questions about this farce and have blind faith that it will all work out. This isn't crooked politics. It's religion. And Ritter wants us all to get some, whether we can afford it or not.

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