"I am going to sue you," he said. "You are about to see how damaging things can be. You have hurt people who don't deserve to be hurt. Maybe I am taking on things that others are afraid to. I may be too stupid to realize that what I'm about to do might cause you to write more horrific things about me and my family."

I'd never written anything horrific about him or his family. I still didn't know what he was talking about.

"I'm tired of you hunting around," he said. "You are making something of Evan Jenne. I have a financial interest in Edify, and Edify went out and hired Evan Jenne without me."

Not to worry, Evan Jenne. Rothstein's got your back.
AP Photo/Steve Cannon
Not to worry, Evan Jenne. Rothstein's got your back.

He went on to say that he has nothing to do with Edify's daily operations. Jenne said the same thing, telling me that he and Rothstein were strictly personal friends. Rothstein said he'd never spoken with Evan Jenne about the business.

"You said I was a bully. I'm an anti-bully," Rothstein said. "I have always — as a child, as a young adult — I have always taken up for people who are hurt by people with more power than them. You have a forum with which to write; you can do good, or you can do bad. The unfortunate thing is that the news media, including you, has taken a terrible turn, and I find it appalling. I am going to open up my wallet to offer legal representation to anyone who you have harmed."

He said he would hold a news conference.  

"I am starting with you and the Sun-Sentinel and a couple of other [local reporters]," he said. "When I finish, I think I will have made an important point."

If his point is that he's bigger than the First Amendment, it isn't going to work. If he has a factual issue with what I've written, I'll immediately right that situation. But if he expects no media scrutiny of him and his well-heeled friends, he's living in a dream world. He's going to get written about — and not just about the millions of dollars he's throwing at charity either.

So, yeah, he's going to attract attention, and I'm going to write about him as fairly and accurately as I can. No hard feelings. It's my job.

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