Tobacco Road Gets Old

Getting old sucks. I mean seriously. Remember what it was like being able to stay up all night drinking, then rolling into work the next day with nothing more than a cup of Starbucks and mixed visions of the previous one's debauchery and those of the one to come dancing behind your glazed eyes, before the onset of debilitating hangovers? But getting old doesn't always have to suck. There's midlife crises and senior citizens discounts to look forward to. Plus blaming convenient slips of the mind on the early onset of senility!

Also embracing growing old with grace, Tobacco Road. It's hard to believe, but Miami's oldest bar is getting even older, celebrating its 97th anniversary this week! And they're doing it up in style. No, not with pastelitos and a game of bobbing for dentures. But rather a two day bash, starting this Friday and rolling on through Saturday, featuring their famed 97 cents for 97 minutes happy hour drink special, twice on Friday and a third time Saturday. Plus there'll be music. LOTS of music. Among the performers, Suenalo, Electric Piquete, Bachaco, Iko Iko, Elastic Bond and Afrobeta. Now that's a lot of local goodness.
Sat., Nov. 21, 7 p.m., 2009

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I came to Tobacco Road for their dueling pianos show on Saturday night. The show itself was great. As far as a bar during the show, not so much. We ordered beers, well drinks, soda, and club soda. We got the bill and it was $4 for each cup of soda and club soda. The beers were reasonably priced for the neighborhood, but they weren't pints, they were smaller sized plastic cups. What was really frustrating was that they slapped a 20% gratuity on the bill for a table of 4 people. 12 drinks (including the sodas) had a $14 tip on the bill. In NYC most people tip $1 per drink. I don't think I'll be going back.