"Eccentricity," the title track, addresses people who rub Mineo the wrong way with the sort of eccentric antics that he can't buy into. It also poses a question about its subjects that people might wonder about him as well: "Is this deep or just eccentric?"

The track also references Shakespeare's character Hamlet, one of the most impenetrable madmen in Western literature. As is the case with Hamlet, it's uncertain how much of Mineo's curious behavior is evidence of keen perception and how much is just plain oddness. His recordings, for the most part, are less peculiar than his person. But for occasional maniacal laughter on a few songs, the album mostly presents profound awareness and a positive message.

"Ain't no problems right here, my dear," is how Eccentricity's big, brassy opening track, "Believe," begins lyrically. Mineo goes on to encourage people to worry less about their problems and "just believe." "Where Did You Go?" plods along like a playful elephant, with Bill Muter's tuba setting a New Orleans-style tone. Instead of whining about a departed lover, the song confronts her with an appeal to be reasonable: "Where did you go?/Why won't you just acknowledge one thing that I did/Before you go and blow it all up in your head?"

Mineo: "Making it up as he goes along."
Alex Markow
Mineo: "Making it up as he goes along."

Location Info


Funky Buddha Lounge

2621 N. Federal Highway
Boca Raton, FL 33431

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: Boca Raton


Mike Mineo Album-Release Party, 10 p.m. Friday, April 9, at Funky Buddha Lounge and Brewery, 2621 N. Federal Highway, Boca Raton. Tickets cost $10. 561-368-4643; click here.

Eccentricity's tracks cover a range of genres: jazzy lounge song "Lucky Coin," the soulful "Easy Livin'," country-influenced "Eccentricity," the Broadway-caliber drama in "Old Shoes," and the folk-flavored polka of "Movin' to France."

Upon finishing the album three months ago, Mineo and Williams realized that they would have to put off mastering and duplicating it because they didn't have the money to move forward.

Three days after they'd made that decision, Mineo says his old high school pal who used to dance on tables with him, Alex McGhee (currently a firefighter in Iraq), came through in an unexpected way. "I haven't seen him in years, and he Facebook-messaged me out of the blue and wrote, 'I got $5,000 with your name on it. I'm in a position to help out.' " With that money, they mastered the album and printed 1,000 copies. Now they're ready to present Eccentricity this Friday, at Funky Buddha Lounge.

"Brent came up with the title for the nonconformist style of art," Mineo says of Eccentricity. "My songwriting has an unconventional style. I like to do stuff that's on the border of what you can understand, something on the edge of consciousness, so that if you're listening, you expand. I also look at avant-garde pop as an expression for the approach we are taking: We're not pushing the songs to conform, but we are pushing them for radio. We want to be as successful as possible without compromising the artistic vision."

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