What was the response from fans like?

I think it was really good. There was this whole like group of people that formed called the Shelf Kids, because we had the camera up on a shelf. And I think that the kids that watched that were proud of the fact that they stuck with us for like two weeks just watching us all the time. I gotta admit, there were times where I was a little bit like, "Enough's enough." They could see us [walking toward] the bathroom, making our beds. I felt like at one point I just wanted to turn the thing off.

It sounded like it was sort of like a reality-inspired thing where they're watching you all the time.

"Our sense of humor is always really apparent."
"Our sense of humor is always really apparent."

Location Info


Pompano Beach Amphitheatre

1806 NE 6th St.
Pompano Beach, FL 33060

Category: Music Venues

Region: Pompano Beach


Cobra Starship, with 3OH!3 and Travie McCoy. 7 p.m. Tuesday, June 8, at Pompano Beach Amphitheatre, 1801 NE Sixth St., Pompano Beach. Tickets cost $23; all ages. Call 954-946-2402, or click here.

No, no, no. Definitely not like that. We didn't wanna make it like hokey and like bullshit like a reality show. We just thought it was cool because we basically just had a huge case of wine and all of our keyboards set up, so we just got wasted and played music. There was no big drama like on the Real World.

What bands would you say have been your biggest influences? I'm guessing Fall Out Boy is one of them.

No way [laughs]. I mean, they're great guys — don't get me wrong — but they're not a musical influence. I think we listen to a lot of New York bands and French bands too. When we first started, we were really into Phoenix, Chromeo (they're Canadian, but French-Canadian), Daft Punk, and we like Holy Ghost, Ratatat, stuff like that. We don't have a lot of rock influences. We all just kind of come from that background I guess, technically. But we're not really a rock band.

What can fans expect from your shows with 3OH!3 and Travie McCoy? Any surprises?

We have more production than we've ever had on any other tour. We have a pretty crazy light show that I'm pretty proud of. I think it took our show to the next level. We've been wanting to do a big light show for a while, but I'm glad we waited until this tour because 3OH!3 is just such a high-energy band, and it's perfect for us to be on tour with them. I think the production is the best, but I think people are gonna come and get into this show more than they have before.

So what can fans expect from your show in Pompano? Do you have any surprises set up since technically you're pretty much a Floridian?

I will say I did live there for like six years or something. I mean, my family is still down there too, so I'll get to hang with them, eat a lot of homemade food. I'll probably get to sleep in a real bed. I'll probably just be in a great mood and play a better show [laughs]. But I'm usually in a good mood anyway.

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