Alongside the music, the festival will feature a beer garden serving craft brews stocked by BX Beer Depot, eats by Swanky's Bar-B-Que, a play area for kids with a bounce house, and other curiosities such as fire breathers and a novelty bike exhibit.

Craft vendors and area artists — all of whom have some connection to Lake Worth and the greater Palm Beach area — are slated to inhabit the shady section of Bryant Park across from the stage. Stitch Rock craft fair founder and Lake Worth resident (and New Times' July 29 cover gal) Amanda Linton, who says her own annual Delray Beach event drew about 2,000 people last year, will handle Lake Worth-It's craft booths and work closely with Adam Sheetz, who helped found Pupil's Collective, a collaborative forum for area artists.

Under Sheetz's guidance, each art booth will host two artists of different genres who will be expected to collaborate on a single piece of art as well as have the opportunity to sell their pieces.

Here's Johnny!
Monica McGivern
Here's Johnny!

Location Info


Bryant Park

Lake Ave. and S. Golfview Rd.
Lake Worth, FL 33460

Category: Parks and Outdoors

Region: Lake Worth


Lake Worth-It Festival 2010, with John Ralston & Invisible Music, Black Weather Shaman, Black Finger, the Jameses, Guy Harvey, Jesse Baumann, the Dewars, Everymen, Kill Now?!, Sweet Bronco, Yellow #6, Bladesong, the People Upstairs, Angry Pudding, Sweet Chariots, Leading the Heroes, the Ridicules, Blond Fuzz, the Hard Richards, and Wayside Flyer. 10 a.m. Saturday, August 7, at Bryant Park, Golfview Road and Lake Avenue, Lake Worth. Tickets cost $10 in advance, $20 at the door. Click here.

"Everyone's been waiting for something like this to happen," says Linton, who assembles playlists from local band submissions to play at Stitch Rock each year. "There's a fine line between music and art. When anyone's painting, they're listening to music. It's a great idea to merge the two together on such a large scale to show the rest of South Florida that Lake Worth is a thriving artistic community."

Beyond showcasing local talent to the community at large, the Lake Worth-It festival is also designed to expose artists to one another. "A lot of these bands don't know each other, so putting them all on the same stage at the same festival is building community," says Propaganda nightclub booker/Honeycomb promoter Steve Rullman, who's handling the promotional aspects of the festival.

In this spirit, headliner Ralston will attend as a spectator and performer. "I hope that there's a vibe that everybody sort of hangs that day and it's not just play your set and leave. Cecil has done a good job of making it this sort of thing that we're going to put our best foot forward as an artistic community. There are so many good bands in the fest. I plan on being there all day and checking out as many bands as I can."

"Break away from your clique," Lunsford adds. "If you like punk rock, great. But if you like punk, you'll probably like a little bit of alt-country; you'll probably like a little bit of indie. You're not going to like it all, but go out and support local music, because if we don't have a local music scene, there's no place for any of us to play."

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