Bane Tops Hardcore Bill at Talent Farm

Anyone who considers South Florida's hardcore scene to be in decline should head out to see 15-year hardcore vets Bane, hailing from Worcester, Massachusetts, and the more recent mosh brutality of Trapped Under Ice on Monday. The show affirms a solid local support network that has withstood its fair share of drama and venue troubles throughout the past three decades.

Location Info


The Talent Farm Studios

20911 Johnson St., Ste 111
Pembroke Pines, FL 33029

Category: Music Venues

Region: Pembroke Pines


With Trapped Under Ice, Cruel Hand, Alpha & Omega, Centuries, and Boy's No Good. 5:30 p.m. Monday, September 6, at the Talent Farm 20911 Johnson St., Ste. 110-111, Pembroke Pines. Tickets cost $12. Call 954-438-3488, or click here.

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The rest of the lineup — Cruel Hand, Alpha & Omega, Centuries, Boy's No Good — ensures a night of complete mayhem. It's also rumored that newly incarnated Broward County rap-metal supergroup Hooray for Everything will make its live debut during this momentous occasion. Space is limited, so as unconventional as it might seem to buy a presale ticket for a good, ol'-fashioned hardcore show, do so. Or at least, show up early for a night of chaotic stage-diving, furious finger pointing, and anthemic sing-alongs. Look alive!

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