And you're working on a third Food Network wine and food festival in L.A.?

It's close. We'll probably have something finalized by the beginning of the year.

You've orchestrated the South Beach Wine & Food Festival for a decade, and now you're doing the one in New York (along with your day job at Southern). Plus you sit on two boards and do charity stuff. Are you thinking of grooming a successor to take over the festival?

Lee Schrager
Bill Wisser
Lee Schrager

South Beach will always be my baby. I can't wait to find a successor who can take over one of the festivals I'm doing so I can focus on other things, but I would never want to be removed totally. I can certainly see another ten years, but at 60, I think I'll be ready to certainly not retire but maybe enjoy life a little more. The food festival will probably go on longer than I will.

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