Is there any way to sum up the band's philosophy after 40 years?

Little Feat, big sound.
Bill Payne
Little Feat, big sound.

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Little Feat. 8 p.m. Tuesday, January 18, at Revolution, 200 W. Broward Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. Tickets cost $24. Call 800-745-3000, or click here.

Lowell and I once talked about the connection between things. That's really what we were talking about. Is it food, is it family, is it women, is it surfing, is it family, is it cars? Is it the danger that's in the world? What are we writing about, and where are we now at in this point in time in history? Sure, we had music like "Oh Atlanta" — "gotta get home to you" — which is a pure rock 'n' roll tune, but we also had other things which dug deeper into the fabric of things other than relationships. I'm still discovering who I am, and the band is still doing the same thing, which is a pretty good trick after 40 years of looking in the mirror.

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Bill B
Bill B

It's funny, but I never felt Little Feat wasn't making music and had to check out the first two post-Lowell CD's I bought, "Let It Roll" (1988) and "Representing The Mambo" (1990) to verify your time line. And it was Craig Fuller sharing the singing with Billy, Paul and Richie on both albums which contain a number of terrific tracks.

I was acquainted with Richie because I had gone to high school with his first wife, Pam, and remember seeing the original four at a club on Sunset near downtown LA in 1970. I have all the first era albums, plus "HoyHoy" and the two above....I never tire of listening to and watching the band on You Tube when Lowell George was leading it, because Lowell was truly a once in a lifetime talent. And while I understand it's been 41 years since I first heard :"Hamburger Midnight" just seems like it happened last week, perhaps illustrating how timeless Little Feat's music remains. In the now, right now, if you can just "put on your sailin' shoes" and listen.

"I just don't wanna talk to him now."Bill Baldwin, Jr. Los Angeles


"Feat's first phase ended when George left the band in 1979 and was felled by a drug overdose not long after. His departure and subsequent demise splintered the band, but they reconvened a decade later with new vocalist Shaun Murphy and singer/guitarists Craig Fuller and Fred Tackett."fActually, Shaun came in later...she was not added to the band til 5 years after they regrouped. I was at the very second gig they played in 1988 at JazzFest in New Orleans, and saw them again in Vermont in June of 1993, just before she joined.

Tripe Face
Tripe Face

Great insight from one of America"s unsung musical geniuses. I loved Feat when Lowell was alive and he was great... but Bill and Paul and the rest kept growing and reinventing... something bands like the Doors, The Who, Zeppelin couldn't or wouldn't do after one of their key members died.

Richie, like Lowell, is irreplaceable. But Feat will roll on, in ways we and maybe even they, can't foresee and I look forward to that time.

Keep on boogiein' your scruples away!


Feats, don't fail me now, rollin' on through the night.

Rob E
Rob E

Nicely said, Brotherman!I drove up to Waterville ME. from Halifax NS last week to see the band. Magic night! I"m a lucky guy!

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