Main Library Showcases "Artist Entrepreneurs Art Exhibition"

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Broward County Main Library Theatre

100 S. Andrews Ave.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Category: Music Venues

Region: Fort Lauderdale


"Doing Business As... Artist Entrepreneurs Art Exhibition." Through February 23 at Gallery Six, Broward County Main Library, 100 S. Andrews Ave., Fort Lauderdale. Click here.

The 11 artists in this noteworthy group exhibition have one thing in common: All have completed a four-week course offered by the Artist as Entrepreneur Institute, a training program that teaches artists to think of and present themselves as small businesses. Eight are graduates of the most recent program, chosen from a field of 24, and the remaining three launched the inaugural DBA show three years ago. Those three — Virginia Fifield, Jacklyn Laflamme, and LeeAnna Yater — make small but particularly vivid contributions to the current exhibit, which is otherwise all over the map. All of the work on display is competently executed if not necessarily equally compelling. Three artists stand out from the pack. The versatile Timothy Leistner is represented by ten color photos, including a portrait of fellow artist Julio Green that's an impressive study in overlapping circles; four other moody portraits of a young woman suggest outtakes from Roman Polanski's Tess of the D'Urbervilles. Terre Rybovich contributes a series of evocative "drawings" that result when she applies her naked body to charcoal-smudged paper. And Georgeta Fondos walks off with the show, thanks to her mixed-media works that put scorched and singed fabric to amazing use. "One usually imagines the process of burning as dark and ashy," reads her artist statement, which goes on to explain that instead she aims for "burned areas [that] look delicate and fragile, light and fresh" — exactly the effects she achieves. I'd love to see a substantial solo exhibition from Fondos, whose electrifying work here is unlike anything I've ever seen.

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Thank you Michael for taking the time to visit DBA 2011 and for the review. Hope I get to meet you next time!

Terre Rybovich
Terre Rybovich

Michael, thanks for the kind words. And thanks more generally for insightful attention to our community's artists!Terre RybovichArtist + Writer

Timothy Leistner
Timothy Leistner

Thank You, Mr. Mills for your thoughtful art review. It is appreciated. -Timothy Leistner, Artist & Entrepreneur