How close have you come to any other types of rock 'n' roll accidents?

On this whole tour, the only rock 'n' roll accident was my fault. Last summer, we were doing a gig in Norway, and Ozzy said, "Let the madness begin!" And we go right into "Bark at the Moon." On my guitar, I have a "kill switch" — you can turn the volume on and off with it. I started playing the riff, and there was no sound. I was like, "Wait, wait, wait. Stop!" My tech is like, "What the fuck is going on?!" Everybody's running around trying to fucking figure this out, just at the start of the show. We were losing time. And in the end, it was just me — I had the guitar turned off.

What did Ozzy do?

Gus G.: definitely no relation to Kenny.
Gus G.: definitely no relation to Kenny.

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He was having fun with it. He was like, "Don't worry. You always have that day that everything is meant to fucking break down."

On that same stretch of tour, you played Athens. What did it mean to you to play your own country with him?

It was a very special moment for me, a very personal moment. It was the first time he came to Greece as a solo artist. It was a magical moment, just the whole feeling of being at home and playing for your countrymates.

Did your family come?

Everybody was there. I introduced my parents to Ozzy. He really liked my dad and my mom. They loved him and Sharon too. It was cool.

Are you writing any material for a new Ozzy album?

I definitely have a lot of ideas. I've made a lot of riffs and some demos. We have been going back and forth, talking about it. But it's kind of too early to say anything, because we're still on the road. I don't know what the plan is once this tour is done. I'm feeling inspired, so if I get the call to go back in the studio with Ozzy — we just have to wait and see.

How are the Ozzy riffs you're writing sounding?

It's hard to describe. It's definitely not like Firewind. I guess you can hear my style in there, but if I would make another Ozzy album, I would like to make the ultimate Ozzy album — marry the classic stuff but with the new era. I'm just very inspired by the Randy [Rhoads] and Jake [E. Lee] albums. I'm writing in that vein and some more Sabbathy riffs. It's hard to tell, really. I could say it reminds me of Sabbath, but you never know how that's going to end in the final production with the whole band playing and the vocal lines. It's really early stages to talk about it.

Other than playing music, what's the best part of being in Ozzy's band?

Everything. It's the ultimate dream. Just having that position, playing with the Godfather of Heavy Metal, it doesn't get any better. What is there to add beyond that? It's the ultimate honor.

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Govt' Mule
Govt' Mule

Ozzie.....your time has come to hang it up. Please leave quietly.

Arizona Darkblade
Arizona Darkblade

From a womans perspective? Gus G is just absolutely gorgeous to see playing live. Sexay! The whole band are all extremely talented...that focus and precision of theirs, wow, it's just beyond exciting to hear live! Gus G has the proficiency to play all of Ozzy's library as written, and I believe a deep well untapped for a whole new sound like he says. my hand is in his in trust. I'm impressed! I definitely definitely definitely (walking away, coming back 3 years later) definitely want to hear a new album written with him - with all of the current members of Ozzy's band. BIG time. Tommy Clufeto's is just top of the top, so are Wakeman on keyboards and Blasko on bass. These guys clearly love him, his legacy both with Sabbath and solo, and as you hear for SURE live, they 'get' all of his music! I have a deep suspicion upon hearing Scream that there is much inside if given reign awaiting us fans with these men. I'm ready, so are all of Ozzy's fans. Bring it on guys!!! And, thanks for this news!!

Blog E. Guy
Blog E. Guy

Ozzy can keep singing until he's fucking 80. go listen to justin bieber, at least ozzy tries to sing still

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