Naked! Dance! Party!

That’s right — Naked… Dance… Party. Here’s how it works: The Rooftop Resort is South Florida’s only “lifestyle” hotel, which means it caters to nudists and swingers. Now, for the first time, Rooftop is opening a nightclub, Club Eden. That’s everything you’d get at any other nightclub: thumping beats, flashing lights, a crowded dance floor (replete with stripper pole). The difference here, of course, is that the men and women are all in various states of undress and might just be a little more willing to pair off and slip into one of the nearby “playrooms.” Because it’s a private club — hence, no indecency issues — all events are BYOB, but Rooftop provides friendly bartenders who have plenty of mixers on hand. Club Eden patrons also have access to lockers, showers, the resort’s pool, and the outdoor decks, where strangers can fornicate while looking out over the sparkling Intracoastal Waterway. And for the rare South Florida night when the weather is anything but perfect, the place even has a retractable roof. The Grand Opening of Club Eden at the Rooftop Resort (1215 N. Ocean Drive, Hollywood) will be Saturday from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Entry costs $50 for couples, $75 for single men, and $25 for single women. Visit
Sat., June 4, 9 p.m., 2011
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Dianna and Jack
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We stayed there and it was very dirty, the dj sucked and the workers were quite cort to the customers.  However, we just stayed at the Seagate 2, at the Lorelei on 501 ORTON AVE.  It's a swinger hotel, swinger resort very close to the beach and all the night clubs.  We really enjoyed the nude sunbathing and nude swimming and we met some very hot couples who enjoyed swining and the lifestyle.  There was a great complimentary barbecue and a sex room, play room on premise.  The best part of our stay though was all the hot swinger couples we met and all the sexy single ladies who loved to have sex.  For women, it was a bisexual, lipstick lesbian paradise. We also enjoy the fact there were no SINGLE MALES!  That made our stay even ten times much better.  The Seagate in Fort Laudrdale is a great swinger, lifestyle vacation and if you have the chance check it out!       

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