"There was nothing that we could do once the owner let him back into his apartment," Ieraci said.

It was two days later that Krebs would return to this apartment to stuff his pockets with knives.

After witnesses say that Krebs stabbed Pagano, another man jumped onto Krebs' back. He was trying to bring Krebs to the ground but fell off. Guy DiBona stepped over and punched Krebs in the face. Krebs tripped, backward. He slipped in the growing pool of Pagano's blood, falling onto a knife as he slammed into the ground.

Promoter Jimmy Pagano was a well-loved staple of the South Florida music scene.
Courtesy of Denise Langella
Promoter Jimmy Pagano was a well-loved staple of the South Florida music scene.
Guy DiBona tried to subdue Brian Krebs at Fishtales.
Photo by Michael McElroy
Guy DiBona tried to subdue Brian Krebs at Fishtales.

Krebs took another knife out of his pocket and stabbed DiBona's thigh, witnesses say. A customer, Eirhart, and another man, John Rossi, rushed over to subdue Krebs. DiBona, meanwhile, was slipping between consciousness and unconsciousness. Krebs hit Rossi in the lungs. Two other men came over. They picked up a chair. They slammed it into the back of Krebs' head. His feet stepped forward and back, forward and back, uncertainly. Krebs' knees gave out, and Krebs finally stopped, hitting the floor again. Eirhart slammed his foot against Krebs' chest to keep him on the ground. Eirhart, who got stabbed in the back, put bar rags on his wound to slow the bleeding. The bartenders tied towels around DiBona's leg as a makeshift tourniquet.

The handful of remaining patrons jumped on Krebs, leaving him with two black eyes, a swollen jaw, and a cut on his cheek. He had to be hospitalized before being booked into jail.

Witnesses say Pagano died holding his throat, before anyone could try to revive him.

Shortly after Pagano's death, acquaintances and friends organized a Facebook group that now boasts hundreds of comments from people. A benefit at America's Backyard on June 5 attracted nearly 1,000 people. Donations went to the Dan Marino Foundation, for a music scholarship fund named after Pagano.

Meanwhile, two months in lockup appear to have been rough on Krebs. On June 20, he was hauled in front of Circuit Judge Barbara McCarthy's court to be assigned a new lawyer. Before his arrest, the in-the-flesh Stifler was clean-shaven, bordering somewhere between muscular and meaty, weighing 200-some pounds and teetering just below six feet. Now, he's gaunt and pale. He's got a thick beard. He's lost his golfer's tan. His cheeks are sunken.

And on May 13, Krebs had picked a fight with another inmate, who Krebs alleges "cursed at him," according to a Broward Sheriff's Office spokeswoman. Krebs was put on lockdown for 20 days, during which he lost all privileges, including personal phone calls.

In an interview with corrections officers that followed, Krebs said he got into the jail fight because his medication "made him angry." Krebs didn't mean to do anything wrong. He was just "having a bad day."

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