As to what label Everymen feels comfortable with for its throwback, banjo-driven jams, "crustabilly" seems to be the most widely accepted. "We are not quite rockabilly, and the style people have been calling 'swamp music' isn't a great fit either," Bobo explains.

"I don't see any swamps around here," interjects wild-eyed Chuck Callaway. He is the group's newest member, who stepped up to fill the percussionist void left by Cowboy's absence. He's also the most animated onstage. "I'm not plugged into anything, so I don't have to be anywhere," he says. "I feel the need to be everywhere." Callaway adds that learning the washboard was pure instinct: "I'm Puerto Rican. I don't need to play any percussion instrument beforehand — I can just pick them up and start booming."

When Water's Thicker Than Blood will be released on nascent Lake Worth label Wayward Parade, which is more of a community-based collective than a record label, according to Bobo. He began the project with tattoo mogul John Wylie, who owns Aces High in West Palm Beach and Black Rose in Deerfield. Wylie also founded Eulogy Recordings, a punk and hardcore label that released records from New Found Glory, Unearth, and a few others years back. Viva le Vox vocalist Tony Bones was also a founder. Due to his band's robust touring schedule, Bones has stepped aside, and Darling Sweets' singer Lindsey Sayre has stepped in. Wayward Parade will release Sayre's Dixie-romping Americana act's debut full-length as well.

Not rockabilly, not "swamp music." "Crustabilly" — yeah, that's it!
Not rockabilly, not "swamp music." "Crustabilly" — yeah, that's it!

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6 S. J St.
Lake Worth, FL 33460

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Everymen, with Transylvania Transport Co., Bonnie Riot, and the Loxahatchee Sinners Union. 8 p.m. Friday, August 12, at Propaganda, 6 S. J St., Lake Worth. Tickets cost $10. Click here.

After an hour of conversation over iced coffee, the band needs to depart. It is Cowboy's birthday, and they plan to visit him. As he leaves, Witis shares that his fridge still holds a Pabst Blue Ribbon tall boy that belonged to Cowboy. Before leaving on a mammoth three-month tour later this month, the guys plan to guzzle it together in Cowboy's presence.

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Raquel Calero
Raquel Calero

Yeah!! That's my "puertorican" son Chuck Callaway (no Spanish speaking LOL)!!! Love you!! I cant wait to hear you guys play!

Kenneth Ellis
Kenneth Ellis

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