Nekromantix at Monterey Club, September 5

Danish psychobilly act Nekromantix represents one of the biggest booking coups yet for the greaser-cool Monterey Club. It's a band long-running and beloved enough to usually command performances at area venues like Culture Room, and this will doubtless be packed full of pompadoured, eyelinered denizens clamoring for coffin rock.

Kim Nekroman: Scaring the bejesus out of the undead.
Kim Nekroman: Scaring the bejesus out of the undead.

Location Info


The Monterey Club

2608 S. Federal Highway
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: Fort Lauderdale


Nekromantix, with the Brains. 10 p.m. Monday, September 5, at the Monterey Club, 2608 S. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale. Tickets cost $15; age 21 and up. Call 954-598-1887, or click here.

At the helm of it all, still, is frontman and chief songwriter Kim Nekroman, who now counts about six times as many former members as current ones (two) in his backing band. Though supporting players Franc and Lux — the first female of the band — do much to add to the rollicking, spooky vibe, it's Kim who's the band's beating, undead heart. The group released its eighth studio album last month on its longtime label, Hellcat Records. With the title What Happens in Hell, Stays in Hell, it's a lot more of what the band has long perfected — stomping, swampy odes to ghost lovers and other horror-movie fare.

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