The chorus of "The Dope Show" is just like that of "Lunchbox" — it's just slowed down. Casual listeners don't realize stuff like that, but the writer does. I didn't want it to go on forever, and it's Brian Warner. You are not going to get anything that you ask nicely for. You have to do it legally. I didn't and couldn't sue for being ostracized or abused or people being a jerk to me. That's not why you sue. I had to make sure I got the royalties and gear replaced. It's not petty, but there's no way around it.

What would you change about the way you approached things at that time?

Putesky back in his "Daisy" daze...
Courtesy of Scott Putesky
Putesky back in his "Daisy" daze...

If people don't give you respect, there's no way to get it. You pay them to respect you; you can't ask them to respect you. You can't hit someone in the head with a frying pan. Maybe if I really analyzed the people's motivations, I could've sat down and rationally and diplomatically dealt with it. It's not too likely. The figures responsible for the bullshit were doing coke and drinking booze all the time. You can't be rational with people who are irrational for those reasons. Anyone else around was scared to go against the establishment.

What did you think about what Marilyn Manson has become today — making headlines for being an Eastbound and Down fan?

The worse the albums get, the more cheesy everything else he does gets. When that came out, people asked me what I think, and it's a good example of how nonmusical his career is now. He's in the news for being a fan of a cable TV show.

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Raul Alfaro
Raul Alfaro

This is unbelievably nasty. First off I'd like to say that Manson being on the news for liking East Bound and Down is not a reflection of who he has become... it is a reflection of what the media has become. And the media has become that way because we no longer live in a musical culture. So people aren't interested in anything but dance or club or pop music. When a remix artist has 200 million views on youtube for a video that has no lyrics or nothing of interest except to dance... that alone is indicative of the times. I live in South Florida. Where you guys (Marilyn Manson) started... now there is no music scene. No metal or even rock bands playing. No artist is being signed because record companies are looking for the "sure thing" the next Lady Gaga or Drake. Those popular artists that will bring some revenue. Manson is still making quality  and respectable music and I will continue to buy his records. You were great in the band and I admire your work within it. But Scott it has been 15 years! This hate speech that you spread only serves to makes you unlikable. And quite frankly pathetic. Especially when you say you would get rid of songs within Antichrist... that alone would be blasphemy. So I wish you good luck in your projects. And I'll try to catch your next "Spooky Kids" show in South Florida. But please stop with your hate speech. It embarrasses me. And Reed... what a nice set-up that was. Leading him into such a question about East Bound and Down. Lousy.


I've always been an SMP fan and forever will be, but after reading this interview i can see why manson and co. alienated him from the band. seriously scott, you were shocked at the success of this album? i'll tell you, i replayed this album over and over in high school. all 16 tracks. this album is a classic. nothing about it should be altered because it's perfect from beginning to end. changing 1996 to She's not my girlfriend? well, that really wouldn't coincide with the concepts of Antichrist Superstar, would it? to me, it sounds like there's still just a bad taste in your mouth after feeling pushed out of the band, and i won't fault you there. you were an awesome guitarist in the early days, but it seems like you didn't fully understand how powerful the bands influence was; even with a front row seat. 

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