New Coke at Snooze Theatre, January 2

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The Snooze Theater

798 Tenth St.
West Palm Beach, FL 33403

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: West Palm Beach


New Coke, with the Vignettes, William Stull, the Gun Hoes, Suede Dudes, and Honey Train, 7 p.m. Monday, January 2, at the Snooze Theater, 798 Tenth St., Lake Park. Admission is $5. Call 561-842-7949.

In its brief existence, Boynton Beach trio New Coke has gone down much better than the even more short-lived beverage from which it cribbed its name. Whereas New Coke, the drink, was maligned and rejected for screwing up a formula that worked, New Coke, the band, takes a different tack. Dubbing its style "confrontational soul music," the threesome blends high-powered guitar R&B — as in its essential definition, rhythm and blues — with rollicking rock and postpunk. There's a little rockabilly roll in there too, filtered through the influence of the Gun Club and the Cramps, as well as the occasional blast of aggro noise. In other words, New Coke reassembles some of the best parts of rock 'n' roll's recent past in a way that honors, rather than messes with, the good taste of the source.

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Kava Powder
Kava Powder

January 02 is way back now. Where is the new Coke? I didn't see it until now or is it me that's not updated I guess?

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