If an event like Holy Ship! is symptomatic of a genuine movement, why do you think it has happened?

I just think people in America [are] just late to catch on. But when they catch on, they latch on. So I'm just happy, and I'm glad that everyone is into it.

I think more than anything, it's a lot of kids, a lot of college kids. You know, if you want to be in a band now, you'd probably prefer to be a DJ or get a keyboard or something, not [hang out] in a garage playing speed metal with your friends. Even though I like speed metal too. But I just think that's what kids are into.

The Hard Richards
The Hard Richards


Hard's Holy Ship! Cruise, with Fatboy Slim, Boys Noize, Laidback Luke, Skrillex, Rusko, Diplo, A-Trak, and others. Friday, January 6, through Monday, January 9, on the MSC Poesia boarding at Port Everglades, 1850 Eller Drive, Fort Lauderdale. Embarkation begins at 1 p.m. January 6. Cabins cost $779 to $999 per person via holyship.com.

Back in the day, when I first started, I think the music was pretty basic. I mean, there were still some pretty cool tracks here and there, but it wasn't like it is now. I think if Kurt Cobain or Scott from Stone Temple Pilots were teenagers now, they might be into electronic instead of grunge or whatever they were doing. It just seems to be what's going on with the times.

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