She became attached to her dad, a physical education teacher at North Glades Elementary, near Carol City, where they lived. Jim Jackson believed his family had a gene that inclined them toward obesity. "He said I was 'genetically inferior,' " Jackson says. "I think it made me nuts. That's probably where my eating disorders came from."

Her childhood was spent on balance beams and parallel bars. From age 4, she could do a handstand, a move that would make her famous on SNL.

Nearly every hour that wasn't spent in school or church, she practiced in their yard or at a nearby gym. She would tumble on gravel until her hands were bloody. "I did not like gymnastics at all," Jackson says. "My hands were ripped. My hip bones had bruises on them. My knees are permanently injured. My neck got cracked once. I mean, doing 200 sit-ups is not fun."

Her brother, Jim Jr., one year younger, was too introspective and ruminative for his dad. "We thought he was stupid," Jim Sr. says.

The son is now a Los Angeles architect. "I was a disappointment at birth," Jim Jr. says.

The kids were trapped in Dad's cinema-inspired fantasy world. Jim Sr. had Jackson flip through rings of fire. Or her brother would hang upside down over a burning log while she threw torches at it. "The flames started licking at my hair," Jim Jr. recalls. "I was frozen stiff, frightened out of my mind."

In 1974, Jim Sr. paid $52,000 for a more upscale, three-bedroom place in Miami Shores. Victoria Jackson became a cheerleader at the private high school Dade Christian. She dated a perfectly postured Baptist boy named William Paul Wessel, who was so strait-laced that he carried a briefcase to class.

By the time Jackson graduated in 1977, Saturday Night Live had premiered its rookie cast, including Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, and John Belushi. But she had never watched the show. The family had no TV set. The only movies she knew were The Sound of Music and The Love Bug. When her dad asked what she wanted to do with her life, she remembers earnestly replying, "I'd like to be Julie Andrews on the top of a mountain singing with my children in matching outfits with a ukulele."

But then, says her brother: "Vicky went a little crazy." She got engaged to her beau Paul before he dumped her, she says, "for the girl who used to wink at him in church."

She bounced from Florida Bible College in Broward County to South Carolina's Furman University before finally ending up at Auburn University in Alabama. It was in Birmingham in 1980, just before her senior year, when she first tried out for a professional theater production. She won three minor roles. Her pay: $600.

During a rehearsal of Meet Me in St. Louis, a fellow actor took notice of her helium voice and penchant for flip-flopping across the stage. Johnny Crawford had played Chuck Connors' son on the TV Western The Rifleman 20 years earlier and then become a second-tier theater nomad. He took Jackson to lunch. Along the way, she did a handstand on a fire hydrant and then a tractor tire. "I felt like I had discovered something really special," Crawford says. So he offered her a one-way plane ticket to Los Angeles, where she could make it big.

She decided to quit school and accept. (She finally earned a bachelor's degree in 2010 from Palm Beach Atlantic University.) She lived in Crawford's guesthouse in the Hollywood Hills and tooled around town on a moped. Together they spoofed Hamlet at the Variety Arts Center in downtown L.A. He introduced her to Hugh Hefner at the Playboy mansion. She stood on her head and recited poetry while half-naked Bunnies looked at her quizzically.

That strange shtick became Victoria Jackson's comedy act. She was upside down, warbling a song about a mugger, when screen agent Dolores Robinson first saw her in a tiny, upscale Beverly Hills wine bar called Englander's. "I'd never seen anything like her before," Robinson says.

"Some people thought I was a genius," Jackson recalls. "Some people thought I was retarded."

At age 22, Jackson met Nelson "Nisan" Eventoff. He was a fire-eater and sword-swallower who played the piano in blackface. She was smitten. Jackson claims Eventoff rolled the first joint she ever smoked. "It made me very creative, horny, and paranoid," she says. Then he brought her to the Silver Lake home he shared with several other hippies, dogs, finches, and a ferret. There she lost her virginity to the fire-eater.

"I had a nervous breakdown," she says. She flew back to Miami and confessed to her mother, who took Jackson on her first visit to a gynecologist. Assured she was not pregnant, she then pondered her premarital predicament. If I married him, it wouldn't be such a bad sin, she thought. If I don't marry him, God will say, "She's a slut."

The couple wed in Los Angeles in 1984 and two years later had a daughter they named Scarlet. Soon, Jackson snagged a role on the sitcom pilot Half Nelson as Hollywood security guard Joe Pesci's ditsy blond secretary. The show was canceled after six episodes, but she bought her first house — a two-bedroom Lookout Mountain bungalow in Laurel Canyon — with the paychecks.

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Considering all of the drugs the rookie class of SNL were known to do, her current mental state makes perfect sense. I hope I'm as crazy as her when I hit her age.


Would the New Times with this liberal biased hit piece be a flapping arm of the RABID leftists? 


You spend so much time trying to denigrate and make fun of honest to God people like this wonderful human being that just proofs that you know they are right, go and kiss Obamas's and all the antiamerican people, I feel sorry for you, you shall never know the beauty of beliening.  Manuel diez


What I saw in this interview was Victoria Jackson as the Blatant Holier then Thou Bible Beating Political Prostitute, that even though she admitting she knew nothing about politics and rarely voted, but when she called the President of the United States a Muslim, people listen and invited her places, and appears to compensate her for her to speak her Politically Uneducated banter 


Proof how parents can fuck up their kids beyond belief!

Pete Pepper
Pete Pepper

Its nice she blames everyone else for her failed career instead of herself.  Yes, its a plot to bring her down.  Wouldnt have anything to do with her insanity and preaching.  No, not that.Sad thing is, she wasnt a bad actress.  Course now we find out that behind the scenes she was torpedoing her own career.


Hey FQS !!:   She was, it seems, proudly telling her story of being sexually "EASY", and Difficult to work with. These are stories they had to get from her. She was the one that PROUDLY, admitted that she was being paid money and asked to go places, when she stared talking trash about the current "Elected" President ( which the last one was not, he was appointed by a GOP Congress & anointed by a GOP Strong Supreme Court, that had NEVER in history gotten itself involved in the "Peoples Elections ) .

And even more, she admits, to Not knowing anything about politics, nor was she much of an American, because she didn't vote much. Which, just shows she is being a Political prostitute. If she got her political education, by watching one sided slanted (Fuex) news entertainment ( and that is questionable ) and reading Rabid Right Winged , we hate Progressive thought books, by Corporate attack dogs, that want to rule the country for their personal financial greed, then she doesn't come off with ANY credibility ! 

According to the Treaty of Tripoli Article XI, passed by the US Congress in 1797 ( our forefathers - the creators of this nation ) and I quote "The United States is in no sense founded upon the Christian Doctrine. 

Read the real history of this country, which includes actual Congressional records, not the Re-written history created by those that wish to mislead the American Citizenry. 

Pete Pepper
Pete Pepper

Gotta love how the right frightwingers come out of the woodwork to scream hit piece when its an interview using the very words and ideas of the person they want to defend.  What?  She didnt say horrible things?  It was all made up?  Ive seen interviews of her in the past and yes, she really IS this nuts.And what the hell is "beliening"?  Reading and writing is very fundamental if your trying to get a point across.


Mr. Diez: ( by the way you should always capitalize the 1st letter of your last name )I am not denigrating her, she did that well enough on her own in the interview. She is making a mockery of her beliefs, as she proudly tells the story of her life.And you prove yourself to be an uneducated person with your comments of " kissing the Presidents rear end and calling him and others that support and believe in him Anti-American" Please remember it was George Bush's policies that placed us in the Deep Deep recession, by giving 2 unpaid for Tax breaks to the wealthy, Going into a War by lying to the Congress & the American Public, Not Budgeting 2 wars, but calling for special financial payments for the 2 wars. Also giving Multiple No Bid Contracts to all of His & Dick Cheney's corporate buddies, that basically raided our treasury. 

Before you put fingers to the keyboard, you should turn off Fox ( Fuex ) News programs, and actually read Congressional records.

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