The Husband pulled out a bottle of lube. He handed it to me but then closed his hand around it. "Shall I?" he asked. "Or do you want to?" They say you act differently in latex.

The secret Miami venue that held this party was a lush one. All over the walls hung red drapes, mirrors with thick gold frames, paintings of robust women. A gorgeous chandelier and two giant swings with plush seats and thick ropes to hang on to dropped from the ceiling. People in their New Year's latex best twirled on the poles on the black platforms and mingled on the red-velvet love­seats and tiger-striped sofas in orange and black. Two white couches that had a plastic-like covering were upstairs.

The Husband rubbed lube on the outside of my miniskirt. He rubbed the front and moved across the curves of my hips to the back. His hands rubbed the lube over my butt. "Now, I have to get the inside," he said as he poured more lube into his hands. He curled his fingers to get the inside of my skirt wet and then stretched out the latex to reach the fabric further up on my front thighs. The bunched panties had been shed, and he sensed my weariness.

Fetish Factory enjoys its obscurity. "We're the hand up Mona Lisa's skirt,"  says Matt Havoc, left. "We're the reason she's smiling."
Antonio Angelo
Fetish Factory enjoys its obscurity. "We're the hand up Mona Lisa's skirt," says Matt Havoc, left. "We're the reason she's smiling."
Lady Lethe (in mask) makes domination an art form.
Antonio Angelo
Lady Lethe (in mask) makes domination an art form.


A Glossary of "Fetish Terms of Endearment"

Dom: The dominant person, the top, usually the person who yells; can be male or female. It's also the old-school term for a woman in charge, the almighty dominatrix.

Sub: The submissive person, the bottom, the one who wants no fucking control for a bit.

Switch: A kinkster chameleon; someone who enjoys switching from dom to sub, depending on the mood or partner.

Slave: A term some submissives prefer to be called. Typically, these subs want to be treated like actual slaves. Just not like the pre-Lincoln era.

Pet: The antithesis of being a slave while still remaining a sub. The pet is loved. The dom takes good care of his pet.

Rubber: Shiny clothes made out of synthetic plastic polyvinyl chloride, referred to as PVC or vinyl garments; actual rubber (think the Batsuit).

Rubberists: Fetishists who wear such garments.

BDSM: Combines these abbreviations into one catch-all category: B&D (bondage and discipline), D&S (dominance and submission), and S&M (sadism and masochism).

S&M: Can be sadomasochism (the practice in which both parties get off: the one giving pain as well as the one receiving it, usually during sex); or slave and master; or, as Matt Havoc describes it when pertaining to him, "Stand and model."

"Don't worry. I'm not going to do anything. I won't get near there." He chuckled.

He handed over the lube. Without a word, it was clear that he wanted the favor returned. I bent down, trying to get all of his legs. Latex covered his entire body, and in a rushed manner, I did his front and back. "Don't worry, you'll get better at this," he said. The Husband then told me what came next: It's customary for me to now go thank his wife for letting her husband rub lube on me.

Like the Husband and his missing wife, many of the attendees at fetish parties are couples who have been going to these shindigs for years. For most newbies, they usually have to go to their first fetish party alone because it's hard to persuade friends to go. But watching the couples in this open environment makes finding a mate more appealing. No one ever dreams of meeting his wife inside a bar, but at a fetish party?

Glenn says the Fetish Factory has received gift baskets from marriage counselors, thanking these parties for helping their clients stay together. Or for finding the strength to get divorced — it helps finding out that there are others like you out there.

At the sexually charged New Year's Eve party, I left the Husband behind and went upstairs to a more private room. That was when a WASPy man in a little latex commander-in-chief ensemble ran up. His hat would make any pilot or sailor envious — it was black with red trim on the top, sparkly silver on the bottom, and a big silver star in between. He calls himself Matt Havoc. "Get up," he warned. Apparently I had sat in piss.

He remarked at my latex. "It's like you're goddamned naked in the middle of the party," said Havoc. "It's fantastic. And only rubber does that. Only rubber takes on your body temperature."

Havoc explained that he didn't know he had a fetish until he found out about the scene. When he saw he could use his sexuality as a weapon, he made his switch from sub to dom. "Fetishes are not a symptom," he explained. "They're a release."

He first met his fiancé, Robin, at a Fetish Factory party. Robin, the man with the chiseled face and thick red eye shadow, is a sub and a Peruvian who likes bondage play. Robin was not yet ready to be in a gay relationship when he met Havoc, who changed that. Havoc has developed a fetish for getting straight boys to do gay things. "He helped me be comfortable with who I am," said Robin.

Havoc chimed in: "Because I was so comfortable with who I was."

Heading back downstairs, I ran into my latest fuck buddy, Foreign Pirate, at the bottom of the stairwell, where he was talking to a friend. We had been hooking up for a few months, but oddly never during one of these parties. His dark, Middle Eastern features were emphasized by what he wore: black latex pants and a black, sleeveless shirt. Black eyeliner wrapped thickly around his dark-brown eyes, his black hair tied back. What caught my breath was the black mask with silver, jeweled studs that covered most of his face. He grabbed me and pressed my arms against the scaffold near the stairwell. We moved back upstairs.

He whipped me first. Then he rubbed my latex, and I didn't mention the pee from earlier. We went to the mattress-like sitting area and stared for a moment at the other bodies, which wore bits of latex and leather as they gave in to carnal pleasures. Suddenly, Foreign Pirate pulled me into a steel cage. He pulled me on top of him on the swing. He yanked me under him on the couch, where he unzipped and my latex miniskirt slid up as he moved forward. A man stood in front of the cage, next to the couch, a few feet from my face.

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Patrick Lobo

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one clarification: rubber is rubber! vinyl is just vinyl!


As a woman in the scene, I'm VERY happy with how well written this article is. I know both Matt and Robin and have also gone to the Electrolust parties. A few years ago i would have never thought myself part of this scene/lifestyle, but i am happy that i have found my place.  I too found the love of my life at the Fetish Factory parties and we now go together as a couple. It is so much fun to people watch, dance and play.


well written and fun to boot , held my interest and stirred some old memories and tweaked some new desires . . .

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