With a Glut of Burger Joints in South Florida, Haven't We Had Enough?

Clubby beats contrast with an ocean breeze at BurgerFi, an open-air shop on Commercial Boulevard in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. Though it's a fast-food joint, a more interesting menu and a welcoming vibe are marked improvements from McWendyKing, even with music that doesn't match the place.

For one, BurgerFi locations here and in Delray are beachy and cheerful. Communal tables in bright green and natural wood host a family of multicolored chairs. Naked bulbs offer warm light in rhythm from a planked ceiling. It's like a dining hall at summer camp but more stylish. And the digs are what will ensure the staying power of BurgerFi after the decline of burgermania.

"Can I help you?" the server asks my friend Harmony and me. The server is blond, cute, and wide-eyed. She's wearing a BurgerFi baseball hat and a button, not far off from a T.G.I. Friday's employee uniform.

Charm City's Big Sloppy: double meat, cheese, bacon, hash browns, and a fried egg. Click here for a Charm City slideshow.
Charm City's Big Sloppy: double meat, cheese, bacon, hash browns, and a fried egg. Click here for a Charm City slideshow.

Location Info



4343 N. Ocean Drive
Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, FL 33308

Category: Restaurant > Burgers

Region: Beaches

Charm City Burgers

1136 E. Hillsboro Blvd.
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

Category: Restaurant > Burgers

Region: Deerfield Beach


BurgerFi, 4343 N. Ocean Drive, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea; call 954-489-0110. Also 6 S. Ocean Blvd., Delray Beach; call 561-278-9590. Visit burgerfi.com.

Charm City Burgers, 1136 E. Hillsboro Blvd., Deerfield Beach. Call 954-531-0300.

Rather than ordering from the overhead list behind her, I ask for the secret menu I had heard about from friends. "The secret menu items are listed on our takeout menu," she says. "And we're all out of them."

"Aren't the secret menu items absurdly decadent?" I ask.

She begins her recitation. "We've got... the burger all the way, with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, and special sauce. We have Texas fries, with chili and cheese. Urban fries come with Parmesan and garlic aioli."

There's more, but I'm done listening and want to order the most ridiculous item I can tolerate for the sheer entertainment value, saturated with toppings and condiments. "I'll get that last one," I say. "Urban" fries.

Click here for a Charm City Burger Company slideshow by Candace West.

Though I appreciate a patty with an egg on top every once in a while, I'm not a burger-and-fries person. And I'm growing bored by the fuss. In this era of burgermania, in which burger joints can't seem to open fast enough, restaurants have anticipated burger fatigue by offering circus meals: hamburgers oversized and overdressed, the equivalent of Bozo with a red honkin' nose and floppy shoes. Hell, if I can put a hot dog as a condiment on a burger tonight, I may just do it.

Perhaps I'm no longer intrigued by burgers because we're reaching maximum density of burger joints in South Florida — places that offer little patties double-stacked; or brawny, dripping hunks of meat with unending combinations of toppings, served on a baker's variety of buns. Fistfuls of fries play as sides, with dozens of condiments. For dessert, there's the shortlist of milk-shake selections. Oh, and beer.

Whether it's the number of restaurants to choose from or the combinations of toppings, it's exhausting to think about all these choices. When is enough enough?

Since 2010, scores of fast-casual and sit-down burger places have opened in South Florida, including Rok:Brgr, BurgerFi, Smashburger, and more than a dozen Five Guys outposts. These are in addition to what we've enjoyed for years, like Jack's Hamburgers and Le Tub.

Despite the glut, more burger joints are on the way. Shula Burger outposts are slated for Lauderdale, Kendall, and Delray this summer. From the legendary Dolphins coach who conceived Shula's on the Beach, it's a burger-and-beer concept that we've likely seen already.

Even locals like Dennis Max are opening places this fall featuring burgers, such as his standalone with Burt Rapoport called Burt & Max's. Chef Allen Susser has also rolled out his Burger Bar by Chef Allen, which features an indoor and outdoor bar as well as boozy milk shakes.

Yet signs point to a slowdown for the rise of the burger. Boca Burger closed after being open for four months. And the price of beef is expected to rise, says Brendan Flanagan of Grand Western Meats, a meat supplier that distributes to high-end restaurants and shops such as Smitty's Old Fashioned Butcher Shop. Cattle-ranching tapered at the peak of the recession, he says. And since it takes three years to raise a calf, we're seeing the effects now: Herd numbers are lower than they've been since the '50s. The result will be an increase in the price of beef, an estimated 12 percent this year and 7 percent next. So much for the cheap burger.

Back at BurgerFi, high school kids mull between tables or work the register. Families and couples hang around too, eating mounds of fat-cut onion rings or sipping bottled beer.

"Look! Grandmas!" My friend Harmony points to a couple of little coifed ladies shuffling away from the shop, wearing cute, retro floral housedresses. BurgerFi is housed in a mixed-use area of rentals and homes, businesses, and the beach. These ladies are out for their after-dinner walk and a milk shake.

I lift layers of fries smothered in mayonnaise. It's garlicky for sure. Though the fries are good — crispy, skin-on russets, fried twice — all this stuff on them is near obscene, like after-hours drunkenness in a dorm room, mixing together from 7-Eleven — although here it's with better ingredients.

Harmony's milk shake was exactly as it's named: a concrete, a near-solid dessert with all the Heath Bar and Oreos in the mix. "As much as I like it, my ass is getting fatter as I down this," she says.

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Also coming any day now, Hi Way Burger in Delray. On Southbound Federal, a few steps S of Atlantic (next to Philly Cheesesteak),


Personally, burgers are one of my favorite meals.  And considering it's the largest portion of the restaurant industry, I think the general population does not agree with the idea of this article.  If the demand for burgers was not growing, you wouldn't see chains expanding, new ones popping up, and the large majority of them all increasing their sales.  You mention one independent restaurant closing, and nearly a dozen new ones opening - that doesn't say demand is waning to me.


I don't think there are as many burger joints as Pizza joints, Sub Joints, coffee houses, beer joints and such, why pick on burgers- just to be significant? Nobody said eat a burger every day, try them find the best (BurgerFi works for me) and enjoy one every now and then. I never understand why people pick on an industry for sport.

Fat Hand
Fat Hand

Agree completely Melissa. And the few places that don't serve burgers all have a selection of sliders. Enough with the fucking burgers and sliders!


What's needed is a TUMS burger.  I get acid reflux just reading about the menu items at these burger joints.