Jacob Jeffries Band Will Rock You

To keep track and find a little focus in this whirlwind, Jeffries works on an online tour diary, which he says he uses to create "something I can look back on like, 'Oh, I remember we ran into this problem and the car broke down, or on the van the tires went crazy and we spent three days in Atlanta.' Little memoir stuff that I can look back on. I feel like I'm losing track of what happened where and when." It's good for the future, he thinks, when you can reflect "and chuckle to yourself and show your kids."

The diary notes quirky and serendipitous stories. The group first played at Ohio University recently. It turned out it was the weekend all the moms visited their daughters. "We ended up playing a show in front of a roomful of people and their moms. We made a joke that we were checking out girls, see them walking down the street, next to themselves in 25 years," Jeffries kids. He was the designated driver that night. After getting in the van, he heard two girls behind him say, "Mom, are you here?" Turns out the van was full of college ladies and their mothers, squashed together with the band. "We ended up at this sorority-esque house with these girls and their moms; we all slept on the couches," he laughs. This is a soon-to-be-written entry.

Jacob Jeffries wants you to give his band a listen.
Stian Roenning
Jacob Jeffries wants you to give his band a listen.

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Gibson Guitar Showroom

180 NE 39th St.
Miami, FL 33137

Category: Retail

Region: Central Dade


Jacob Jeffries Band Tell Me Secrets album-release party, 9 p.m. Friday, May 18, at Gibson Guitar Showroom, 2751 N. Miami Ave., Miami. Free admission. Click here for more info.

"The puzzle pieces are slowly coming together," he says humbly of the buildup to the album's release. "All the gifts, they add up," Jeffries says. "All the experiences that you have on the road, the more you play together, the more you play period, the tighter you're going to get and the more aware you're going to be of where you want to be."

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