Neil Diamond at BankAtlantic Center on June 1

Neil Diamond at BankAtlantic Center on June 1

You may not know his face or sweaty chest, but everyone's familiar with the songs of Neil Diamond. This old crooner was quite the baja panti in his day. Hell, he remains a sex symbol for more women and men than the Biebs.

New Times writer Lee Zimmerman claims this singer and songwriter has a "polarizing effect" on fans. Perhaps that's true: You love him, you hate him, you're like ,"Isn't he in the Beastie Boys?" Point is, his music is in no way actually polarizing. It's been mostly middle-of-the-road pop greatness.

Come on, you've got "Forever in Blue Jeans," "Cracklin' Rosie," and "Solitary Man." These hits just kept coming over the years. Diamond also was a bit of a show pony in his day, with plunging necklines and sparkles galore. Seven decades on, he looks like the sleek, mature man he is. Still sexy at 71 — quite a feat.

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BB&T Center

1 Panther Parkway
Sunrise, FL 33323

Category: Music Venues

Region: Sunrise/Plantation


Neil Diamond, 8 p.m. Friday, June 1.

He's on the road again, a 35-city tour that kicks off in Fort Lauderdale. Bring the throat lozenges, ladies; you're gonna scream when you see this Diamond shine.

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Blond Ie
Blond Ie

Hi. Was at the Ft.Lauderdale/Sunrise concert last night. What a great show.His voice was strong and the songs he sang were on his latest CD for half of his performance.He came out with Solomon as his opening songEveryone went crazy when he sang Sweet Caroline.He kept singing that song over and over as the crowd wanted him to sing it again and again..not a dissapontment! For hisage he was exceptional. I highly recommend you see him this year because he still has it but who knows after that.....on a scale of 1-10 I rate this concert a 9...9 because he didn't play some of my favorite songs but he can't play every song so I understand.His voice was a 10. Backup band was a 10 too!!

Amy Taylor
Amy Taylor

Yea well we havent seen anything yet for LosAngeles but there is a big gap in Dates after the San Jose show.. so It may beNeil will annouce Dates for Los Angeles soon.NeilDiamond tickets 


 Did  ANYONE  see him  on American Idol this past week?   He  has  NO voice  whatsoever.  What was THAT about?   He  was  SHOUTING  his  lyrics.  NOT  singing.


Neil Diamond is a class act.  He was overlooked far too long for induction in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  Half of the acts that are in the Hall of Fame are rappers or dopers.  Some are one hit wonders.  But they got in before Neil.  The voters of the Rock Hall of Fame must be of the present day generation.  As a Neil Diamond Tribute Artist I find that most people that like his music can relate it to a specific event in their life.  Especially the song "Story of My Life". This song has been performed at many weddings.  As a struggling songwrite for other artists he decided to record music for himself.  Since he knew what he wanted to say in a song & what melody would accompany it.  His genius is in writing songs that make a person feel emotional & to recall happier times.  He is a true artist in every sense of the world.  His music makes people happy & so what' wrong with that.  We need more happy people in this world & Neil is making it happen one person at a time.  We are truly honored to be able to see him perform on stage in our lifetime.  God Bless you Neil.  Keep on Rockin' 


He is from a time when songs could be understood and had meaning., Singers back then could sing not scream like today's music.

Blond Ie
Blond Ie

Yes. I saw him on idol and was dissapointed.however I saw him in concert last night in Sunrise Fl and he was outstanding.maybe he was trying to keep his voice for his tour which started last night and was outstanding.


 sounds like the barons we went to see him with 30+ years ago at the now defunct sportatorium.

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